7 Hilarious T-Shirt Designs You’ll Wish You Thought Of First

The internet is basically a magical land where you can find just about anything imaginable. That includes, of course, hilarious items of all kinds – from gag gifts to joke books to t-shirts. I wanted a bit of a laugh the other day, so I spent some time perusing what the internet had to offer by way of funny t-shirts. According to a well-qualified expert (me), here are the top 7:

1. I Found This Humerus

Let’s start off with a pun, shall we? Check this shirt out. I found this humerus...humorous...get it? No, don’t groan! It’s hilarious! Well, if you don’t think it’s funny, your dad certainly will. You can get this pun-ny shirt at CafePress.

2. I Smiled Once...

This delightfully ill-humored shirt features the internet’s favorite feline, Grumpy Cat! This great guy has taught us all that there’s nothing wrong with a terrible attitude, in fact, it may even earn you fame and fortune. For anyone who wants to make a joke out of their own curmudgeonliness, get this shirt here.

3. Live Slow, Die Whenever

Sloths have really become a sensation this year. Who wouldn’t love them, with their devil-may-care attitudes and satisfied-looking faces? Forget the “Live fast, die young” motto of rockstars and the nouveau riche – that just takes too much effort. For the Netflix generation, “Live Slow, Die Whenever” is the perfect motto. Show your millennial pride with this shirt from Amazon.com.

4. Death Before Decaf

Any true coffee lover understands the sentiment behind this shirt. Decaf coffee...why bother? Why even invent it? It’s like inventing a wingless airplane, or a wheel-less car. There is no point. Absolutely no point. Kind of like non-alcoholic beer. Diehard coffee drinkers, get this shirt at 6DollarShirts.com.

5. Ask Me About My T-Rex

These funny flip shirts have suddenly appeared on the interwebs, and I personally think this is the funniest one. Bonus points for any grown man who wears this and will, in fact, flip it to show the T-Rex anytime someone asks. It would also be fun for a child, I suppose. You can get it here.

6. Baby Convict

This is kind of silly, but I couldn’t help but laugh. Alright, it’s not exactly a t-shirt, but come on, the joke is funny enough to overlook those technicalities. For the little one you know who just did their time, you can get this onesie at Amazon.com.

7. Never Trust an Atom

A list of funny t-shirts wouldn’t be complete without at least one nerd joke. Get it? Atoms make up everything? They make everything up? Aha, now you’re laughing. There are lots of other science and chemistry joke t-shirts at CafePress.com, but I thought this one was the best.

Think your t-shirt design is funnier than these? Well, don’t just brag about it – get it printed! CafePress.com and UberPrints.com offer low prices on custom t-shirt printing. You can also get your design printed on sweatshirts, sweatpants, hats, mugs, and more. But I think you’ll be hard-pressed to come up with a funnier shirt. Yes. That was a challenge.

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