7 Reasons to Watch the Sochi Olympics

The Sochi Games have been riddled with controversy and negative hashtags. Now that the Opening Ceremony is behind us (and that unfortunate unopened ring – eek), let’s talk about all the cool things we have in store for us.

Here are 7 reasons to tune in to the Winter Games in Sochi.

1. The new events

There have been 12 new events added to this year’s games, which include 3 mixed events, 4 men’s events, 5 women’s events. New events include: luge team relay, biathlon mixed relay, figure skating team, halfpipe skiing, ski slopestyle, snowboard slopestyle, snowboard parallel slalom, and women’s ski jump.

2. The classics

I mean, who doesn’t love watching ice hockey, speed skating, and bobsledding? These are exciting sports to watch during any winter games. And this year, the Russian team is desperate to win the gold in hockey. This is their bread and butter. Sounds like Miracle part two, eh? Then there’s the Canadian team to beat, so ice hockey is going to be the sport to watch.

Have you seen the skates on the speed skaters? They are terrifying weapons. The blades are much larger than on traditional ice skates. Pair that with the high speeds of the skaters and you will be on the edge of your seat watching this event.

Also, Cool Runnings is one of my favorite movies from the ‘90s, and this year, the Jamaican bobsledders are back with a two-man team.

3. The outfits

Did you see the incredible ensembles during the Opening Ceremony? That was just the beginning. Keep an eye out for the killer apparel on the slopes and on the ice. You can make a statement just like the pros with any of the trendy, bright-colored outerwear from Backcountry.com. They have an incredible selection of winter sports gear that’ll make you stand out on the mountain.

4. The rivalries

Well obviously, the Russians are the team to beat in several sports. The Canadians as well. But the great thing about the rivalries in the Winter Olympics, is that the US Team is a major force, making us the team to beat. We have 230 brilliant athletes competing with the best in the world for the gold. Let’s do whatever we can to make sure that happens. Even if it’s just cheering loudly from our couches.

5. The hashtags

Conditions in Sochi for athletes and guests are….not great. Luckily, you don’t need to brave the cold in Russia to join in the conversation. Just check in on #SochiProblems and #SochiFail for the hilarious and sometimes terrifying shenanigans in Sochi.

6. The comparisons to The Hunger Games

From Putin as President Snow to the Opening Ceremony recap looking like the chariot entrance in the heart of the Capitol, the likeness is quite uncanny. Especially with the outlandish wardrobes. Fortunately we can all get the bold looks of the Opening Ceremony without paying Capitol prices by using a discount code when shopping for games’ gear.

The comparisons make sense though. That’s kind of the point – because the Tribute competition is modeled after the Olympics, just with a deadly ending.

7. The heroes

The individual story of every Olympian is inspiring. A lifetime of discipline and determination has led these competitors to this two-week event. There’s no doubt that we will see heroic triumphs and inspiring moments of glory in Sochi. Ones that will never be forgotten. These are moments we cannot miss. So tune in!

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