7 Ways to Make Your Bathroom More Eco-Friendly (And Save You Money)

In an effort to be more green, you’ve most likely instituted several eco-friendly practices into your home. But, if you’re like most people, you probably forgot to extend those changes into your bathroom as well. It’s actually super easy to create a ‘green’ bathroom - and the changes you make could end up saving you lots of money! Read on for 6 easy ways to make your bathroom more eco-friendly.

1. Switch to LED lighting.

One of the easiest things to change is the lighting in your bathroom. LED light bulbs use about 80% less energy than a traditional bulb, and they last around 25 times longer. When you do the math, your average LED bulb has a lifespan of about 25,000 hours! Although these bulbs are a tad more expensive when you initially buy them, you’ll see the savings right away because they last so much longer. Plus, your energy bill will go down (potentially by as much as several hundred dollars) just by making the switch!

2. Use green cleaning products.

Traditional cleaning products are filled with nasty ingredients like petro chemicals and toxic preservatives like parabens. You can’t truly be sure that these items are safe to use in your home (and around your kids or pets). For some peace of mind, use green cleaning products instead. Many eco-friendly brands use natural ingredients and are much more sustainable. These products are also usually sourced from organic farmers or fair-trade organizations, so you get an added bonus of supporting ethical businesses. Green cleaning products (and other natural items like hand soap and toilet paper) can be a little more pricey than other brands, but knowing they’re safer should help put your mind at ease.

Don’t want to shell out more cash for safer products? Try making your own homemade cleaning products. You can mix up ingredients (like baking soda or vinegar) that you probably have around the house anyway, and you’ll end up saving money by using a DIY product.

3. Install water-efficient toilets.

A great way to get a ‘green’ bathroom is to install a low-flow toilet. Toilets use around 27% of the water in your home (more than any other appliance or plumbing!). You can find a huge variety of low-priced ones at Modern Bathroom, since their factory-direct pricing means items can be found for as much as 70% off! They also have frequent sales that can reduce your costs even more! Plus, switching to a high-efficiency toilet could save you as much as $100 a year on your water bill!

If you have a low-flow toilet already, you can cut down on water usage even more by purchasing a dual-flusher (so you can push one button for flushing liquid waste or another for solid waste). They’re generally easy to install, and can be found for around $25 at Home Depot.

4. Buy low-flow shower heads.

Changing your shower head to a more efficient model is also a great way to conserve water (and money!). A traditional shower head uses between 5 and 8 gallons of water per minute, while a low-flow version can reduce that to around 2.5 gallons. You won’t even have to sacrifice any water pressure! Low-flow shower heads work by not only lessening the amount of water you use, but also by reducing the amount of energy that’s used to heat the water. This means you could end up saving hundreds of dollars a year!

For plenty of options, head to Modern Bathroom for low-flow showerheads. They have a range of price points (including a model for just $19), so you can easily stay within your budget. The best part is this upgrade is pretty easy to install, and you’ll see the value right away!

5. Replace your water heater.

If you have a little bit bigger of a budget to make your bathroom more eco-friendly, consider replacing your water heater. Models that are more than 10 years old tend to not be working at their full capacity. If you have a tanked water heater, purchase a tankless one instead. These models help reduce the amount of energy being used and the actual cost it takes to heat the water. A tankless water heater also emits less carbon dioxide and improves indoor air quality since no pilot light is required.

6. Buy motion sensor faucets.

One way we waste a lot of water is by letting the faucet run while we’re brushing our teeth or washing our hands or face. To remedy this, install a motion sensor faucet. The sensor starts the water flow when you move your hands near it, so you’ll only use as much water as you absolutely need. This can help you cut down on your water usage and save money at the same time!

7. Limit your water usage.

Overall, the number one way to make your bathroom more ‘green’ is to be conscious of your habits. By limiting your water usage, you’ll be conserving more water and cutting down on your water bill. Try to keep your showers as short as possible, and turn off the faucet while you’re brushing your teeth or shaving. If your shower takes a long time to heat up, consider catching the water in a bucket to use for other things (like gardening or washing dishes). Small steps like these can end up making a big difference.

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