7 Ways to Tell You're Crazy About Dogs

There are two kinds of people in this world: cat people and dog people. If you’re in the latter group, you share your love of dogs with a passionate verve to pretty much anyone who will listen. Your dog is your BFF, child, and constant companion. Some people might think you take your obsession a little too far. If you’re not sure if you’ve gone overboard with your dog-love, see if these 7 statements apply to you.

1. You treat your dog like a person.

Man’s best friend deserves nothing but the very best - which means you pamper your dog like they were a two-legged person. Whether that means buying them the most gourmet treats or dressing them up in the hottest doggie outfits, you’re sure they appreciate your gestures of love. You easily spend the majority of your paycheck at Petsmart, but you don’t mind, because your dog absolutely needs new toys and treats on the regular. Going broke to provide them with tasty snacks? Totally worth it.

2. Your dog is featured in your Christmas card.

Don’t have kids? Well, you remedy that by putting your dog front and center in your Christmas card. You want all of your friends and family to know that your dog is the most important part of your life. Of course, you also had to do a complete photoshoot with your dog for said Christmas card - with them donning reindeer ears or a Santa outfit, because they’re definitely the star of the show. The rest of the year is the same story - your house is filled with framed photos of your pooch, and their pic is your background on both your phone and computer.

3. Your favorite place is the dog park.

Forget clubs or happening hotspots. You know all the action goes down at the dog park. There’s no better place to sit back, relax, and get the full 411 on all the latest doggy gossip. There’s no stressing if you’re socially awkward. You never have to worry about dressing right or mixing and mingling - it’s easy to chat with other dog owners who are just as obsessed with their pets as you are. The dog park is also a great place for finding dates, since you can tell a lot about a person from their dog. The best part? It’s free, so you’re not stuck with expensive bar tabs or pricey parties!

4. You have dog checks.

You like to show off your dog love all the time, even when you’re writing a check. So, you display your obsession with dog checks (like these ones from Identity Checks). You use personal checks with the exact breed of your dog (they have everything from dachshunds and golden retrievers to pugs and boxers) that make you smile every time you take one out of your wallet. You can even get a discount on your purebred checks with a coupon code!

5. You rule out potential dates if they’re cat people.

Must love dogs, right? Someone saying they don’t like dogs is an immediate deal breaker for you. Sure, cats might be kinda cool, but they’re most certainly not a replacement for dogs. Potential S.O.’s must be as obsessed with dogs as you are or it’s a no-go. You don’t mind being picky in this area - anyone you date is going to have to love your pet, so it’s a pretty good standard to have.

6. You’re not afraid to rock paw-print jewelry.

You’ll happily show off your love of dogs any day of the week. One way you do this is by wearing dog jewelry (probably something you got off Etsy). You display your breed-specific passion with pug earrings or a charm bracelet with pictures of your very own pup. Dog jewelry is also a great conversation starter - and you’ll love the chance to talk about your pet when someone brings it up!

7. Your dog has social media pages.

Your pet is the most photogenic thing you’ve ever laid eyes on. So, naturally, you made them an Instagram page to post all of their most adorable pics. Or, perhaps, you’ve decided to share their musings on life on their very own Twitter or Facebook page. Plus, it’s not weird at all, because their posts get way more love than yours ever do!

If these statements sound a lot like you, you’re probably crazy about dogs - not that that’s a bad thing!

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