7 Ways To Treat Yo Self Without Leaving Your Couch

Whether you’re a student and you’ve just emerged from the horrible dark cave of finals, or you’re just trudging your way through another week of work, you know what? You deserve to treat yo self today. Everyone deserves to kick back every once in a while, and that means you, too. Here are 7 ways you can treat yo self without ever leaving your couch.

1. Order a pizza.


On any treat yo self day, having a pizza is pretty essential. If you don’t already have it, just download the Domino’s app and use it to order your favorite kind of pizza. Amazing – if you touch your phone in the right places, a pizza will arrive at your door. What a time to be alive!

2. Get wine delivery.


You heard me. You can get wine delivered to your doorstep, because we’re living in a futuristic utopia. If you join a wine club like Laithwaites or WSJwine, you can get a monthly wine delivery and save up to $170. Even if you’re not into signing up for a wine club (too much commitment), you can find really good deals on wine delivery at either site.

3. Paint your nails.


Ok for this one you may have to briefly get off the couch in order to retrieve your nail polish. Dudes, you can do this too. You’ll feel pretty fabulous, and we promise not to tell.

4. Get yourself something fancy.


You deserve something fancy. And I don’t mean eating your pizza off an actual plate. I mean something actually fancy, like a designer bag or pair of shoes you’ve had your eye on. I know we don’t all have tons of money to throw around, so if you want to grab your fancy Givenchy or Saint Laurent or Moschino, you should do it at Luisaviaroma Luxury Shopping – they have good deals, plus you can use a promo code to treat yo self to some extra savings.

5. Download a new book.


If you have a Kindle or another kind of e-reader, did you know that you can get tons of books for free (or very cheap)? Most classic titles are free or cheap on Amazon, and they also have Kindle daily deals that you can download for $2 or $3. Download a good book, curl up on that couch, and settle in for a good read.

6. Order a subscription box of your favorite things.


I still feel like subscription boxes are a nice thing that happens to other people. But why can’t they happen to me, or you? Besides the famous Birchbox, a monthly box of makeup and beauty supplies, there are tons of other subscription boxes out there, like Bestowed (healthy snacks), ArtSnacks (art supplies), The Cravory (cookies), MistoBox (coffee) and seriously a ridiculous number of other ones. Find one with your favorite things and sign up!

7. Have a Netflix marathon.


And don’t feel guilty about it. You earned it.


By: CouponPal

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