8 A+ Valentine’s Day Gifts For Geeks

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Valentine’s Day is coming up and it’s the perfect opportunity to show your Player 2 how much they really mean to you. We’ve hunted out some of the most delightfully nerdy Valentine’s Day gifts on the web. One of these is sure to please your favorite geek’s heart and brain:

1. DNA Earrings


Lots of people give jewelry on Valentine’s Day, but how many lucky ladies will be getting DNA earrings? For the girl who makes your cells sing and your mitochondria dance, these double helix earrings are the perfect gift.

2. 2-Player Gaming Mug Set


Games are always better with 2 players instead of one, and the game of love is no exception. Show your Player 2 your love with these gaming mugs, so you can enjoy your morning coffee together just as much as your late night gaming sessions.

3. Bazinga! Shirt


Bazinga! is probably just about how you felt when you first met your SO. If he happens to be a fan of The Big Bang Theory, then this t-shirt is the absolute perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Make sure you take advantage of a coupon to get 10% off.

4. Molecular Champagne Flutes

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For the classier nerds out there, these Molecular Flutes are the perfect way for you and your sweetheart to enjoy some champagne together. They’re not just etched with any molecule, either – they feature Oxytocin and Vasopressin, both hormones associate with relationships and love.

5. Darth Vader Shirt


This hilarious “I <3 Bad Boys” Darth Vader shirt is the perfect gift for your beloved Star Wars fan. Of course, Darth Vader is just a stand-in, and you’re the real Bad Boy who’s stolen her heart.

6. Glasses Pillowcases

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This is a cute gift that both you and your SO will benefit from – a matching set of glasses pillowcases. Soft cotton pillowcases screenprinted with a silhouette of eyeglasses, these pillowcases will be great with your eyes open or closed.

7. 8-Bit Heat Change Mug


This vintage gaming mug makes a heartwarming gift for your favorite geek – literally, when you pour a hot beverage into the mug, the “Life” hearts turn red.

8. Gold Astrology Cuff

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They say your star sign has a lot to do with who you eventually fall in love with. Whether your sweetheart is an astronomy (or astrology) geek or not, she’ll love this elegant gold cuff featuring the constellation of her star sign.

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