8 Awesome Gift Ideas For Dr. Who Fanatics

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Do you have a friend who just can’t get enough of Dr. Who? Who thinks every mention of the word “doctor” is about The Doctor? Who is always making TARDIS references that you may or may not get? Well, their obsession at least makes it easy to find the perfect holiday gift for them. Here are some of our favorite Dr. Who gift ideas, and where to get them for less.

1. TARDIS Backpack

TARDIS Backpack

If your friend already has Dr. Who t-shirts, socks, slippers, hoodies, and whatnot, then you can help them complete their fan ensemble with this TARDIS backpack. It may not help them travel through time and space, but at least they can tote around their stuff in style.

2. TARDIS String Lights

TARDIS String Lights

Even if your Dr. Who-obsessed friend has just about everything Dr. Who themed in their house, I bet they don’t have these cool TARDIS string lights. According to ThinkGeek, these lights are perfect to “throw your own Time Lord party.” Sounds pretty cool.

3. Disappearing TARDIS Glass

TARDIS Glasses

If your friend is such a big fan of a science fiction show, then surely they’ll like cool science tricks. The TARDIS design on this glass turns bright blue when the glasses are full of cold drinks, but disappears when they’re not. Whether you’re a Dr. Who fanatic or not, that’s a cool trick. An even cooler trick is to shave a few dollars off the price by using a coupon!

4. Dr. Who License Plate Frame

Dr. Who License Plate Frame

If you’re really a fan of something, you want to tell the whole world. Let your favorite Dr. Who fan show the world their true colors with this license plate frame – or at least show the whole highway.

5. Keep Calm T-Shirt

Dr. Who Shirt

If they don’t have one already, they’ll love this shirt that combines two British classics – the WWII era “Keep Calm and Carry On” posters, and of course Dr. Who. Use a TVStoreOnline.com coupon to save 12% on it!

6. Dr. Who Socks

Dr. Who Socks

It’s getting colder and colder outside, making it the perfect season for a nice, cozy pair of socks. Your Dr. Who fanatic friend won’t want just any socks, they’ll want these TARDIS and Dalek socks.

7. Special Edition Dr. Who Monopoly

Dr. Who Monopoly

Everyone loves playing Monopoly, but as a game that can last a whole day, it gets a little boring after a while with the same old Monopoly set. Spice up your favorite Dr. Who fan’s family game night with this special 50th anniversary edition Dr. Who Monopoly set.

8. TARDIS Blanket

TARDIS Blanket

If your friend is a true fan of Dr. Who, they don’t just talk the talk, they also walk the walk – spend a lot of time watching the show, that is. This TARDIS blanket is the perfect thing to snuggle up with for a Dr. Who marathon.

One of these Dr. Who gift ideas is sure to please your favorite Whovian!

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