8 Bathroom DIY Ideas For The New Year

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Forget about spring cleaning, the new year is the perfect time to spruce up your living space and give it a fresh look. It’s the time to throw out the old and bring in the new. It’s the time to get organized like you’ve been meaning to for months. In short, it’s the time for some DIY organization projects!

The bathroom is a great place to get started, because it’s not huge and daunting (like the kitchen), but having a nicely organized, pretty bathroom will really take some stress out of your life. I promise it’s true! So without further ado, here are some great bathroom DIY ideas to try out:

1. DIY Mirror Frame

If you want to update your bathroom mirror but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg getting a fancy new one, you can easily “frame” a plain mirror just adding regular wooden trim around it, like this blogger did, or by adding a simple frame of small tiles, shown here. All you need is a plain bathroom mirror (if you don’t already have one), which you can find at ModernBathroom.com or your local hardware store, and either wood trim or tiles. Easy, and much cheaper than those fancy already-framed mirrors!

2. Easy Cabinet Update

Your bathroom cabinets really show off the bulk of your bathroom style. To give your bathroom a makeover without dropping the dollars on a whole new set of cabinets, all you have to do is repaint them and update their hardware. A new faucet, new fixtures, and new handles and drawer pulls will go a long way to updating your bathroom’s look. You can find new cabinet hardware for cheap at your local hardware store or at a site like HomeDepot.com, while Modern Bathroom is a good place to get your new faucets, fixtures, and towel rods.


3. Over-Door Storage

Keeping your bathroom organized is all about making the best possible use of the space you have. So what about those few feet of unused space above the door? I bet you’ve never even thought about that before. Throw a shelf up there, and voila! Extra towel and linen storage space.

4. PVC Hair Appliances Storage

It’s 2015. Time to stop keeping your curling iron, straightener, and hair dryer all in an unsightly tangle on the bathroom counter. The Family Handyman comes to your rescue here, with easy instructions to create hair appliance storage on the inside of your bathroom cabinet door out of PVC pipe. All you need is a couple of lengths of PVC pipe and some hook-and-loop tape, and voila! Hair appliance clutter gone.


5. Magnetic Strip Storage

It can be a challenge to keep odds and ends like bobby pins, nail clippers, and earring organized in your bathroom. A magnetic strip is just the thing to keep them all in line – literally! Here is how to do it.

6. Wall Baskets

If you have unused wall space in your bathroom, try throwing up some wall baskets to add storage and organizational space. All you’ll need are regular towel bars (get a deal from ModernBathroom.com), hooks or craft ribbon, and storage baskets in a style and color you like. Check out Simply DIY 2 for the full step-by-step instructions.


7. Back of Door Towel Bars

The back of your bathroom door is also usable space! You can use it to hang towels with traditional hooks or several towel bars. I like the less conventional towel bars idea, because it give you room to store more towels, and if you have kids, it makes it easier for them to reach the towels – and hang them up themselves!

8. Shoe Pocket Storage

Still need more spaces to keep bathroom odds and ends organized and out of the way? This shoe pocket organization tip is genius, and super easy. All you need is a regular shoe pocket, which you can cut to size to fit inside your cabinet door, and 3M velcro strips or screws (depending on how permanent you want it). Just attach the pocket to the inside of your bathroom cabinet door, and you’re good to go! It’s perfect for organizing lotions, nail polishes, sunblock, travel toiletries, and all those other random things that get thrown under the sink.

Try out some of these tips in your bathroom to start the year off clutter-free.

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