8 Signs You’re Finally a Grown Up

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We’re not talking about age here. Based on age, I’ve technically been an adult for over a decade, but I haven’t really felt like one until recently. I feel like I still look pretty much the same as I did when I was just legally allowed to enter bars, and pizza is still incredibly exciting to me. But there have been a collection of subtle changes and small choices in everyday life that have made me realize that I am finally (GASP!) a grown up.

Are you there yet? Here are 8 signs to know for sure.

1. You refuse to stay in Abercrombie & Fitch for too long because the music is way too loud.

WHY IS IT SO LOUD? Those employees develop hearing problems, right? How can they communicate with each other with that blaring music drowning out all other sound? It doesn’t make any sense. So, you have no interest in returning. Ever. Especially with that disgustingly strong cologne that they are clearly dumping all over the carpet or curtains...or wherever they’re pouring it out. Crazy kids…..geesh.

2. Taste is less important than health benefits.

Your taste buds have changed, and it’s no longer about how sweet, sour, or overwhelmingly cheesy something is – it’s time to focus on your health. You’ve started wondering how to make your food work for you. You go for the stuff that has impressive health benefits. Superfoods aren’t super delicious, at first. But once you start trying beets, kale, and green tea, they start to grow on you. And then you’re one of those people that craves the bitter taste of kale. #Adulting.

3. New appliances are your new toys.

My paychecks used to be cashed and spent immediately on new clothes, candy, movies. I still enjoy new clothes, sure, but there’s something incredibly satisfying about buying appliances or home furnishings that’ll make my life easier or cozier. Right now, I’m saving up for a new home HP printer, and I’m very close to being able to afford the one I’ve been eyeing. If this kind of purchase is exciting to you as well, guess what? You’re a geezer-in-training like me. Congrats!

Also, bonus points for being a responsible shopper and using an HP coupon code at checkout. Only an irresponsible fool would spend a cent more than they had to and not check for a coupon first, right? Right.

4. Paying off a credit card balance feels like Christmas.

One less monthly payment. One less piece of the personal debt puzzle you have to solve. One less thing keeping you up at night. A debt-free life is better than anything Santa could deliver.

5. You have several “practical” outfit options in your closet.

Remember when you were a kid, and the weather had nothing to do with your daily outfit choice? A skirt in the dead of winter? It’s cute so, DUH. We were fearless and felt invincible as young'uns, but now we plan ahead. Comfort is important. Safety is vital. You wear what makes sense to your plan for the day and the elements you’re about to brave. And you have several options to choose from.

6. Plus a professional attire selection.

Dress pants? Check. Blazer? Check. You could go on a two-week work trip and have a different outfit for each day. Because you’re a grown up, and that’s what a grown up closet includes.

7. Staying up late is no longer a goal, it’s something reckless to avoid.

The later you got to stay up as a kid, the cooler you felt. Even in college, a late night made for a fun story the next day. “OMG, I’m so beat. I was up until 4am at this party.”

Now, staying up late is just silly. Why would you do that to yourself? There’s no need. Grown ups don’t try to impress each other with late-night bedtimes. It’s actually more impressive if you were able to get a good night’s sleep and start your day early with a workout and errands.

8. You need significant recovery time following social gatherings.

You went to a friend’s house party, and the next day you’re completely exhausted. And you didn’t even have a drop of alcohol. You were the DD. But since you had to socialize, spend the whole evening ‘on,’ and then drive home in the middle of the night, you need serious rest to get back to your normal self. One to two social gatherings per month has become my max. Because I’m a grown up now, and I just don’t have the energy for more.

Welcome to adulthood, y’all. Where the meals are healthy and the sleep timers on the TV are set by 9pm. #Holler

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