8 Times in Everyday Life When Less Truly is More

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We live in a culture of excess. More is more. More is better. More is everything. But there are times in life wherein excess is not needed. In fact, during the following situations, less will absolutely get you more. That “more” could be anything from flavor, to respect, to courage. Less might just be the answer.

Here are 8 times in everyday life when less truly is more.

Consume it

1. When you’re seeking an adult beverage

As much as I love rich and complex cocktails, if you’re looking to spend less than $16 on one drink, dodge the beverages with the 5+ ingredients and go for something basic. You’re craving a way to unwind, aren’t you? Keep it simple.

2. When you’re choosing condiments

Does a burger need to be doused with every sauce in your fridge? Definitely not. Our growling stomachs can get carried away rather quickly, but sometimes it’s best not to overpower your palette. Pick a sauce or topping or two, and let the actual burger shine on your taste buds. Same goes for salads. Besides, whether you’re ordering out or cooking at home, using several toppings can be wasteful if you don’t end up tasting each one.

Wear It

3. When accessorizing with a killer outfit

It can be tempting to make a statement with attire AND accessories, but you really don’t need to. A killer outfit should never have to share the spotlight. Dogeared has the best selection of beautiful, single charm jewelry that won’t break the bank and won’t take away from whatever fab outfit you’ve chosen to wear. Each one of their pieces enhances the beauty of what you already have on. And their coupons won’t destroy the beauty of your budget. Win, win.

4. When it comes to loungewear

We all want to look our best at all times, even when we’re not trying. You can still look cute while lounging, and places like Target and Forever21 have fantastic loungewear options that are wallet-friendly, comfortable, and SUPER cute. Don’t overthink or overspend on your cozy wardrobe. It should be as easy as the activity itself.

Say it

5. When you’re in a work meeting

Here’s something I’ve noticed repeatedly in business meetings – the ones who talk the most, really don’t have that much to say. I mean, aside from presentations, of course. But being the one in the meeting that is observing and only speaking when there’s something of value to add to the conversation? That’s the person everyone will really listen to.

6. When you’re consoling someone

If a friend or family member is going through a tough emotional time, the last thing they want to hear is your take on the subject. Emotional vulnerability makes us feel exposed and isolated in our feelings. Like nobody else quite understands what we’re going through. Think about that when you want to make someone else feel better. They don’t need to hear your two cents. Change the subject, crack a cheesy joke, or just offer your sympathy and sit there with them silently.

Do it

7. When you feel stuck in a rut

Facing a roadblock in life? Start small. Don’t make a major life-altering decision that you could completely regret later, because that will negate all the bravery you were able to harness to take the leap. So when you feel like you need to make a change, start with a list, and use babysteps to get you there.

8. When you’re asking for help

It’s hard asking for help, but sometimes you really need it. Make the move and just ask. Once again, keep it simple. Don’t dance around the request, just put it out there. The worst thing that can happen is that person says no.

We could all use a lesson in simplicity. If you practice more of it in your everyday life, you’ll start to notice that the additional things you thought you needed, will be forgotten before you know it!

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