8 Treats for a Grown Up Easter Basket

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The Easter Bunny used to fill your basket with all kinds of delicious goodies as a kid. But now that you’re a grown up, what do you have to look forward to? The stale Peeps from last year that nobody claimed? Those colorful plastic eggs that were once filled with yummy surprises, but are now left dented and empty? And ham dinner is great and all, but you slaved all day to put that meal together, so it’s hardly a treat for you.

Here are 8 things you should have the Easter Bunny fill your basket with. This holiday is not just for the kiddos, you know...#TreatYoSelf

1. Candy

Just because we’re old enough to rent a car doesn’t mean we don’t love candy. Am I right? But don’t settle for the predictable picks for your basket. Go for nostalgic candies that’ll take you back to the days you used to believe in the big Bunny. Old Time Candy has the best selection of retro candy around. Unless you’re currently a baby or over 100, you’ll find candy from your childhood here. And score a deal before you buy!

2. Classy toiletries

When you’re stocking up for on your essential beauty / hygiene products on a regular basis, you might settle for store brand, right? Well, take this as an opportunity to splurge a bit on the stuff you’ve always wanted to try. Even if it’s just testing out the travel sizes!

3. Loungewear

We could all use more cozy items in our lives. Things that are soft and warm and wonderful that we can wrap ourselves in when we get home from a long day at work. So even if it’s just a new pair of fuzzy socks, Treat Yo Self to something lounge-y.

4. A no-fuss plant

Flowers are great, but SPOILER ALERT –  they die ugly discolored deaths like a certain someone at a certain Game of Thrones #PurpleWedding. GOT fans, you know who I’m talking about. *Wink face* The good news, is that ProFlowers has way more than flowers, they also have plants that’ll last long after the last rose petal has wilted. If you’re not a flower person, go for something calming and low maintenance like a succulent arrangement. The best part about ProFlowers is that they offer a wide range of prices on all of their arrangements, and you can find discount codes that’ll help you keep your basket budget in check.

5. Something fancy

It doesn’t have to be a car or anything huge, but get a little something that’ll make you feel like royalty.

6. A good read

Buying yourself a new story to get lost in is a splurge-y treat for your mind. Check out the latest best seller lists, reviews, and pick something you think you’ll enjoy.

7. Booze

Whether it’s wine, craft beer, or something a bit stiffer, unwind with an egg-cellent adult beverage.

8. A monthly box

There are so many incredible monthly subscription boxes available right now, so take a gander at beauty boxes like Wantable and Birchbox, food boxes like Love with Food, or any of the hundred others available now. It’ll be the gift that keeps on giving.

Whatever you decide to fill your basket with, have a Happy Easter everyone!

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