9 Amazing Articles of Clothing Inspired by Game of Thrones Fashion

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The fourth season of the always sanguinary Game of Thrones premiered this past Saturday to record-breaking views – 6.6 million to be somewhat exact. And while others may be fixated on the sex, violence, and sex, I can’t keep my eyes off the stunning and elaborate, albeit blood bespattered, costumes, designed with the utmost meticulousness by Michele Clapton. If you’ve ever wanted to add essence of Sansa or a jot of Jon to your wardrobe, here are some pieces inspired by Game of Thrones fashion and “Two Swords” costumes to include. (Spoiler alert)

Cersei Lannister

Blond momma Lannister is back and as devious and entrancing in her evil as ever. In “Two Swords” she muted her outfit compared to her previous ensembles, elegantly draping her alabaster frame in a floor-length earthy red and moss green gown. The v-neck subtly framed the stone pendant hung around her neck. This kaftan by The Row captures the texture and tonal duality present in Cersei’s dress, if not the abundant regality.

Oberyn Martell

“Two Swords” saw the introduction of Oberyn Martell to King’s Landing, as he was satiating his appetites at a brothel. Utilizing the other definition of the word “lay,” Oberyn aptly layers a burlap-like, saffron robe over a thin clementine collarless silk shirt for a serious but colorful look. This pullover from Dries Van Noten may not be a two-pieced robe, but it speaks to the natural themes playing in Martell’s outfit.  

Sansa Stark

Mournful over the deaths of mother and brother, Sansa isn’t breaking out the mirthful and boisterous saturated pinks and blues anytime soon. True to form, she wears a conservative, though skin-tight, melancholic lilac dress with large but sparse natural designs embroidered on. She’s not trying to stop traffic with this one. Sans the pattern, this long, side-drape dress designed by Rick Owens bears the austerity of a habit with the coy asymmetry of a piece a little less chaste.

Tyrion Lannister

Thought Tyrion no doubt has a lot on his mind – his forced marriage to the young Sansa, the jealous ire of his beloved Shae, his father’s explicit disdain for him – he doesn’t slack when it comes to proper Game of Thrones fashion. Wearing a merlot, polka-dotted shirt and a leather vest, Tyrion is hard to miss (even though he’s scornfully ignored by rabble and royalty alike). Paul Smith’s polka-dots are roughly the same size as Tyrion’s, and the color is practically dead on. Tyrion may be a member of the wealthiest family in all the seven kingdoms, but you on the other hand might want to use a coupon for this button-down.

Daenerys Targarean

Daenerys has never been one to mince words, rather her statements are always bold, brash, and singular. So it is little wonder that her dress in this episode is a monochromatic french blue, light-weight, caped affair with a cream lining. You won’t find Daenerys wearing something as voluptuous as this  Zac Posen fish-tail gown, unless she were at a Dragon Conservancy dinner, but it was too gorgeous to omit.

Jamie Lannister


Finally home after much time abroad touring the realm, Jamie arrives with not so much a souvenir as the lack thereof: he’s lost a hand. Perhaps this unseemly amputation makes it easier for him to slip into the linen, earthy workman’s attire he so handsomely dons in the premiere episode. The top is a slate gray, the pants are like camo beige, and the aura is entirely provincial. These Todd Snyder cargo pants double as field and formal wear – well, maybe just around the cabana.

Margaery Tyrell

Cool-headed, unequivocating, righteous, straightforward but wisely withholding, Margaery Tyrell is an enchanting enigma, as is the dress she wears in the premiere episode. The top is an almost R-rated, taught, embroidered sheer, the bottom a solid satin, and the two divided by a simple belt, all done up in harmonizing shades of periwinkle. This otherworldly, wraith-like evening dress from Monique Lhuillier exudes the beckoning mystery in Margaery’s two-textured piece.

Jon Snow

Goth, leathered, furry, monochromatic, Jon Snow isn’t really one for variation in color or texture. But if that’s your thing, and you can pull it off as confidently as this brash fellow does, please do. Start with this Alexander McQueen leather jacket, and increase your inner-emo by gradual increments until you’re a Game of Thrones fashion dark horse.  

By: Seth

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