9 Craziest Money Saving Strategies

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I’m about to graduate from college, so my lovely scholarship money will run out and on top that, I’ll have to start paying back some student loans I took out. Eek!

With this in mind, lately I’ve been perusing the web for frugal living tips and ideas for stretching my dollars as far as they’ll go. While I’ve found some great advice, I’ve also found some kind of crazy ideas. I mean, we all want to pinch a penny here and save a few bucks there. But some people really are willing to go to new levels to save their money. Here are some of the wildest ideas I’ve found for saving money.

1. Steal fruit from your neighbor’s trees at night.

Dude, just ask your neighbor for the fruit. If you’re that hungry, I bet they’ll just give it to you. No need for this nonsense, it’ll only increase the neighborly tensions that are already in place because of your loud music. Oh, that’s not you? Sure.

2. Limit yourself to 5 squares of toilet paper every time you use the bathroom.

According to family lore, my grandfather enforced this rule on my poor mother and her siblings. How much money can you actually save this way?! Toilet paper isn’t really that expensive, and if we’re going to play the “wants vs. needs” game here, it definitely falls under needs.

3. Forget buying a washer or going to the laundromat – wash your clothes in the bathtub.

This is the 21st century, and the laundromat only costs a few dollars.

4. Dumpster dive for food and other goodies.

I’m sorry, I know a lot of people are into this, but I really can’t get over the fact that it’s trash.

5. Instead of a movie, take your date out to watch the local court proceedings.


6. Stop getting haircuts.

No, please don’t. If you’re that strapped for cash, have a friend cut it. Sheesh.

7. Commute to school or work by running.

awkward runner

The idea is to kill two birds with one stone (get to work and get a workout all at once), but all I see is myself showing up a complete sweaty disaster and having to spend the whole day that way. Ugh. I think I can afford one dollar for the bus, don’t you?

8. Eat all the free samples at the supermarket and call it a meal.

This is actually a decent idea, but there are never enough free samples...

9. Give up coffee.


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