9 Memes That Describe When You've Been Hacked

If you’ve been paying attention to the news lately, you’ve probably heard about the mass attacks of hacking going on. Shoppers who frequented stores like Target and Home Depot were hit, subscribers to Anthem health insurance, and then, the biggest doozy came just recently when 22.1 million federal employees and contractor’s info was hacked (along with the info of their family and friends!). Getting your info stolen is the absolute worst, and if it’s ever happened to you, you’ll relate to these 9 memes. Hey, it helps to at least laugh about it, right?

1. You realize you’ve been hacked.

First, the dreaded moment arrives when you realize your info has been stolen. Whether someone figured out your password or there was a major data breach, things just got real.

2. You figure out just how much data has been stolen.

You’ve gone over all of your accounts to track what has been hacked. Then, you must quickly do some cleanup to change your passwords or contact your financial accounts to stay safe. This is a really scary time for you.

3. All you feel is sadness.

No matter what action you take after you’ve been hacked, you feel vulnerable. It’s hard to feel safe in a world where anyone can gain access to your private data. Boo.

4. You want revenge.

It’s easy to want revenge when you’ve been hacked. Most of the time, it’s by some unknown cyber criminal, but if you’ve been hacked by someone you know, feel free to seek vengeance (in the form of a Facebook spam!).

5. You become aware that there are some real jerks in the world.

Maybe you were a positive, uncynical person before you got hacked. But, once you’ve been hacked, you realize that there are tons of bad guys out there who don’t care about wreaking havoc on your personal life. However, perhaps you’ll get lucky and end up with an idiot hacker who mistakenly improves your data (everyone could use a higher credit score!)

6. You’re not the only one to get hacked more than once.

Chances are you did nothing wrong. Just remember that unless you use the password ‘abc123,’ you run the risk of getting hacked (again).

7. You realize you never know where danger lurks.

Think hackers are always gonna be shadowy figures in the night? Wrong! They’re probably your creepy teenage neighbor or your co-worker who likes to make a little extra money selling credit card numbers. Just remember: hackers come in all forms!

8. There are always gonna be hackers.

There are some steps you can take to better protect your info, but don’t feel down on yourself if you get hacked. These cyber baddies are professionals - if they can hack the government’s system, your Gmail is no big deal.

9. You realize you need better protection.

Bottom line: you don’t have to be defenseless! You can use Norton Security programs to help protect your data - it comes with a 100% guarantee that your devices will remain virus-free. You can even secure your files online to protect your most precious data. Save on the cost of this potentially life-saving program with a Norton coupon code - so you can save money, and protect your info at the same time! So, it’s time to teach those hackers a lesson!

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