A Big Brother Now Loves His Little Sister

My wife and I recently had our second child, a girl. Her 5 year old brother didn’t quite know how to react but we could tell he was definitely having some issues with no longer being the center of attention. We mentioned this to my own sister who had given him an “I See Me” birthday book a couple of years ago, which he still reads and loves.

She told us that she remembered seeing that they also had a book about becoming a big brother. Being frugal as she is, she also remembered she used a coupon code to save on it when she bought it. I checked their website and sure enough, there was the book – “The Super, Incredible Big Brother.” The description said the book could be personalized to include both my son and daughter’s names. Perfect. The story reassures the “big brother” that he’s loved & appreciated, and rewards him for helping out with his new little sister. I even came with a Super Incredible Big Brother award medal that he could put his own name on.

What can I say? The book worked. He totally got that he was still every bit as important to us as the baby and started to become very pleased with helping us to take care of her. He immediately recognized it as another “I See Me” book with himself as the main character and was very excited to read it, over and over and over again. Hard to believe, but likes reading how special he is. Go figure.

Creating the book was very easy, basically just answering a  few questions and following the directions on the website. The book itself is sturdy and durable, which is very important. The birthday one we got is still in good shape after almost three years. The story is great, the illustrations are great, and it’s written well, too.

Now my son wants to get his sister an “I See Me” princess book when she gets older. We told him, “Sure, good idea. That’s very nice of you.” He then showed her his own new book and dropped in on her. Relax, no harm was done. In any case, we’ll be buying more of the “I See Me” books for our family and also as gifts for other children we know. We totally recommend them. Excellent idea and an excellent buy worth every penny.

By: CouponPal

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