A Big Screen From Toshiba Will Make March Madness Pop

So I’m sure your brackets are all filled out, you’re adjusting your schedule for maximum viewing time, and your new big screen is ready to be broken in with non-stop NCCA hoops. What? You haven’t got that new big screen yet? Man, get to it! You’ve got people coming over and you’ve got to treat them right.

Don’t worry, it’s not too late. Toshiba’s got some great deals going on and there’s still time to get delivery before things get hot. How big do you want to go? 33” to 50”? 51” to 65”? Hows about a 40” for under $500? Let’s get bigger. They got a 50” for under a grand. Bigger? Okay, the granddaddy 65” bad boy can be your for around $2500. Use a Toshiba coupon code and you could score an even better deal than that. Picture it. Picture you and your buds watching it. Yeah.

Of course those are just a few examples of their huge selection. Name your poison, they’ve got it. You can search by screen size, screen type, refresh rate, special features, price, all that. Here’s the best part: when March Madness is over, you still have the new big screen to watch other stuff. Might not be as exciting, but you never know. But whatever it is, it’s gonna look good. And big.

Too bad March Madness doesn’t last forever and neither do these deals. So score one now while the scoring is good. If you need some help setting it up, or with financing, Toshiba can hook you up with those, too. Here’s hoping your team goes all the way. Unless they’re playing my team.

By: Peter

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