A New Englander's Dream: Fenway Tarp Boots From LL Bean

What screams “New England” more than Maine-based apparel giant, LL Bean? With their trusty boots and gear for the whole family to wear in any kind of weather, LL Bean is the go-to brand for New Englanders looking for quality clothing. These items practically last a lifetime and are well worth the cost, but to save a little on clothing that’ll go a long way, check out these deals. The only other thing more New England than LL Bean would be Fenway Park, of course. As stated in Ben Affleck’s "The Town," Fenway Park is “the cathedral of Boston.”  

So it makes perfect sense that the two would team up in honor of BOTH of their 100th birthdays, celebrated in 2012. For a century filled with durable coats and homerun memories, LL Bean has released a limited edition rain boot, made from the infield tarp used during the Red Sox 2012 season. Only 50 pairs are available, and will be made-to-order for Red Sox fans chosen as winners in the brand’s current social media contest. Fans are asked to share their best Fenway memories with photos or a few sentences and post them on Twitter or Facebook. Winners will be chosen at random and the deadline to enter is October 20th.

You bet your behind I will be entering, but here’s my best Fenway moment, just to give you a taste of Red Sox magic if you aren’t already a fan. I was born into a Red Sox family. My father told me from a very young age that bringing home a Yankee fan for a boyfriend would be a big mistake. For my eighth birthday, my parents rented a limo that took us from Central NH all the way to the Green Monster for a Sox game. We ate Fenway franks and peanuts until our feet were covered in discarded peanut shells. I watched my favorite slugger, Mo Vaughn, crush the crap out of a ball. They won, and on the way home I remember thinking – this team is everything.

There were several moments of pride and despair in the years that followed. Right up until we (yes, I say “we” even though I’m not on the team), won the World Series in 2004. Even though there’s less tragic pain since that victorious season, the love I have for this team is eternal.

Returns are not available for these boots (not that any Sox fan would be loco enough to return them, even if they didn’t fit properly), so LL Bean is asking winners to submit their size if they have another pair of LL Bean boots. OR, winners can send in a tracing of their feet, which is the same way they made custom orders when the brand first launched in 1912. 

What could possibly be better than these boots for a New Englander? A free Dunkin Donuts coffee and a cup of clam chowdah to go with them? Maybe. But these are still wicked awesome.

Go Sox.

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