A Slow Computer and A Battle of the Sexes

My wife and I share our home office, so frequently we find ourselves in there working (or playing) at the same time. While it’s nice to spend time with her, it is not nice when I hear her bragging and teasing me that her Mac is so much faster than my PC. I had noticed a gradual slow-down since I bought it, and had to agree it had gone from being the hare to the tortoise. This got me to wondering, other than getting a new computer, how could I get it back up to speed? And more importantly, shut my wife up?

So, I hit the Internet in search of a solution. I found many. Here are the most common that I was able to assemble, then implement:

  • 1. Reboot: I turned my PC off, the back on again.
  • 2. Scan for malware: I ran Norton 360. All clear, no problems detected.
  • 3. Run Windows Update: Did it. It was already up to date.
  • 4. Clear your web page history: This was a good suggestion because mine was huge.
  • 5. Free up hard drive space: This was easy. All I did was delete two years worth of photos after burning them to a DVD.
  • 6. Update your drivers: My video drive was indeed out of date, so I installed the latest version.
  • 7: Add more memory: I discovered that I should have at least 1 GB of RAM. I already had 2, so this wasn’t necessary.
  • 8. Make sure computer isn’t overheating: I could hear the little fan running but I blew out all the dust off, inside and out.
  • 9. Erase computer and reinstall everything: Yeah, right, like I was going to do this.

After doing all this I did notice a small increase in speed, but not that much. My wife’s Mac was still faster. After politely watching her smirk at me, I decided to redouble my efforts. That led me to discovering Avanquest’s “Fix-it-Disk Optimizer.” After reading some reviews about it, I decided to give it a try, seeing how they had a free trial offer. After seeing how well it worked and how easy it was to use, I bought the full version, using a coupon I found that saved me a bundle.

Here’s what “Fix-it-Disk Optimizer” did:

  • Defragmented my hard drive
  • Optimized my hard drive
  • Removed junk files from my system
  • Removed obsolete files from my system obsolete files from my system
  • Removed duplicate files from my system
  • Made my PC run fast as hell

Now her Mac does some things faster but my PC does other things faster, so all in all, I’d say it’s a tie. I actually think my computer runs better now than when I first got it. So, if you’re computer is being sluggish, get Fix-it-Disk Optimizer. It certainly worked for me. Best of all, it keeps my wife from bragging about how fast her stupid Mac is.

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By: Peter

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