Amazing Face: 3 Ways Mineral Makeup Has Changed The Glam Game

BB, CC, MAC – we ladies at CouponPal get just as excited as any other makeup maven worth her salt scrub but let's face it, all these new beauty buys make it hard for your makeup bag (and your Mastercard) to keep up. Of the most recent skin-ventions, we do think mineral makeup is one trend that’s here to stay. Free of fillers, fragrance, preservatives, and drama – this skincare / cosmetic hybrid is made up of natural pigments that deliver seamless and complete coverage along with all the –anti (oxidant, aging, bacteria) agents that guarantee a brighter and better complexion with every brushstroke.

While cold pressed compacts may be a few dollars a dozen these fad days – the bareMinerals line, which has already attracted cosmetic cult status, places Bare Escentuals at the lead of the mineral powdered, primped, picture perfect pack. Late-night TV Land's favorite brand has really stepped up their glam game and put their shadows, powders, primers, and lipsticks where their (or rather our) mouth is. Not ones to miss out on the pretty party, we've teamed up with them to highlight the top three reasons mineral makeup is a must-have for amazing face.

3. Less (Ingredients) Is More

Instead of clogging your pores with chemicals and calling out all your flaws like the typical department and drugstore issue, the revolutionary formula of finely crushed minerals blends in with your natural skin for weightless, effortless, and flawless finish. bareMinerals ORIGINAL Foundation features unique time release technology that increases hydration 108% keeping your face fresher, smoother, and younger looking for 8 full hours of wear. Offered in over 20+ shades, bareMinerals ORIGINAL Foundation is expertly designed to help skin of every type and tone achieve complexion perfection.

2. More Pigment Please

Since minerals are not watered or weighted down like their makeup countered-parts, the list of real earthy elements that are left create deeper, richer, and more dramatic pure hues which make all of your most Instagrammable profile features stand out. Spread the savings on thick when you take advantage of an eye-catching coupon from Bare Escentuals. The bareMinerals Velvet Eyecolor comes in stay true shades like Charcoal, Espresso, Mauve, and Pistachio that can be easily applied dry for lush long lasting color or swept on wet for more heavy sheen, high fashion foiled effects (as seen in our previous PM makeup tutorial).

1. More Beauty For Your Buck

Mineral makeup – equal parts concealer and cleanser, is made up of hydrating, hypoallergenic, sun, and waterproof ingredients that act as both cosmetics and skincare. Rather than filling in your imperfections with binders, oils, and cheap synthetics – these natural wonders work to beautify, better, and repair your skin by giving back vital vitamins, moisture, and minerals each time you apply. For these three reasons, you can color us fast fans of Bare Escentuals. It’s not too late to join in on the well blended bandwagon before it's shelved with the bleaching, threading, and spray tanning of seasons past – sample one of our Bare Escentuals discount codes and keep your wallet from getting skinned.

By: Stephanie

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