Antivirus Software Makes Your Computer Live Longer

While you’re already aware that antivirus software can protect you from harmful malware, did you also know that it can also add to the life expectancy and all-around performance of computers? Chalk up more reason to put one of our Norton coupon codes to use and buy the software that is essential to protect your computer.

Think about it – computers go through a lot of wear and tear. They’re turned on for days at a time, running countless programs (usually simultaneously), and busy downloading mass amounts of files from around the world. Their desktops get cluttered, uncluttered, and the re-cluttered over and over again. Then there are installs, uninstalls, re-installs,’s like your computer is constantly sprinting and never taking a break.

Consider it as if all of these activities were “putting miles” on your computer, lots and lots of miles. Sure that’s standard use and the way it goes but it does become damaging over time, wearing your computer out. Add to that day-to-day wear a virus or other digital attack and that wear becomes compounded, taking a big toll.

Although malware is purposely designed to be a silent problem to avoid detection, it’s constantly drawing resources away from the tasks your computer needs to complete to run properly, inviting further problems and invasions. Even if you remove the viruses from your machine, you will have already put unnecessary miles on your computer just by the fact that it was infected at all.

That’s why it’s so important to install Norton Antivirus and protect yourself BEFORE the damage is done. Their software continually updates to keep track of the latest viruses, spyware, worms, rootkits, and other threats and detects harmful files and websites before you interact with them. By heading off problems before they harm your machine you can add years to your computer’s life, more than offsetting the cost of software itself.

Besides equipping yourself with virus protection, here are a few simple steps you should always be taking to add life to your computer:

  • Keep your computer’s systems software current

  • Clean up files, including emptying your trash or recycle bin on a regular basis

  • Use the “disk cleanup” function to delete unseen files which take up valuable space

  • Set up your computer properly to make sure it gets proper ventilation and electric current

Don’t let your computer die before its time. Do what you can to make it live a good, long life. Start by making sure it’s vaccinated with Norton Antivirus to prevent both disease and premature aging.

By: Peter

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