Are Electronic Textbooks Right For You?

For many people, nothing can replace the weight of a volume in their hands, or the crisp feel of pages between the fingers. Others think that with the advent of modern technology, it is only a matter of time before books will all go digital. It is true that studying with an eBook or computer can be a different process than poring over a textbook, not to mention the lower price tag attached to eBooks versus the hardcover version leaves many wondering if an electronic textbook is right for them.

No More Lugging Around Textbooks

If you buy all of your required texts in book form, that means you will have to carry them around throughout the day. A backpack full of books gets very heavy as you walk from class to class, especially when you are taking a full course load. With an eBook you just need your iPad, Android, Kindle, or computer to access all of the course materials. Just make sure the professor understands you are using an electronic text. You don’t want them thinking you are on Facebook during their lecture! If you absolutely must have the hard copy, consider purchasing or renting from CengageBrain, where they provide free eBook access while your text ships - so you're never caught without your course materials.

Comprehensive Multimedia Benefits

A digital reader is capable of things that would be impossible on the printed page. For example, most eReaders can be seen in the dark because the screen glows. Many devices can change the font of the text to a different style or size, and even into another language. With an electronic textbook, you can watch video footage embedded into the page. You can also highlight and take notes electronically for later reference. If you are signed in online, you can even view the books on multiple devices.

Access to a Wide Range of Resources

Literature students will be happy to know that any book written before the year 1900 qualifies as free domain. That means you can download most of the classics for free, which saves a considerable amount of money. If you are a committed straight-A student, eBooks provide access to a wide range of supplementary materials. For those classes that assign only a few chapters out of several books, you can choose to purchase individual chapters of an eBook at a much lower price.

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