AT&T U-verse Has Honest Repairmen

Not too long ago, I had sat down at my computer to order my son a MacBook Air. (Read more about that experience here.) However when I turned my trusty iMac on, I discovered that my internet was down. I called AT&T U-verse and they said someone would be out to fix it the next day.

Later that same day, the internet came back up but it was still kind of glitchy, so I didn’t cancel my repair appointment. Plus, it seemed to have been running kind of slow lately. I went to the U-Verse site and ran a Speed Test on my connection.

I was getting less than 10 Mbps download speed and I was paying for up to 24 Mbps on their MAX TURBO Plan, so I knew something wasn’t right.

The next day, the repairman (Mike) shows up and runs some tests. He told me that part of the problem is that the wiring in my building is old, so he rewired everything – for free. That made my connection stable, but I still wasn’t getting the speed I should be.

Here’s where the “honest” part comes in. Mike tells me that since I’m using Wi-Fi, and so many of my neighbors on are U-verse too, it’s causing my speed problem, and that’s just the way it goes. He also tells me how to fix it: while the wireless router included in my U-verse modem is good, there are better ones available, so I should get one and bypass theirs.

I thanked him for his honesty and he even offered to come back and help me set the new router up if I needed help at no charge. Wow, right?

Okay, so I need a wireless router. I googled it and found out Best Buy sells them. I did a little research and decided this one will work out just fine:

The NETGEAR - N300 Wireless-N Router with 4-Port Ethernet Switch.

So, I ordered it, using a Best Buy Coupon Code that got me free next day shipping. I hooked it up with no problems, and now my internet is as fast as what I’m paying for.

Thanks, Best Buy, Netgear, U-verse, and most of all, Mike The Repairman. You are the best.

By: Peter

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