Attention: Last Minute Tax Help is Here!

With the deadline for filing your taxes fast approaching, maybe you’re feeling a little stress. Maybe some dread. Or maybe you’re simply freaking out. No need to fear, because TurboTax is here! It’s easy to use, it’s accuracy is guaranteed, and with a TurboTax promo, if you’re using a 1040EZ tax return, it’s FREE to prepare, print, and file your federal taxes.

If your tax situation is more complex than a 1040EZ, don’t worry because they have other affordable options at the ready. E-filing is free for all of them and will get you your refund ASAP. Plus, they guarantee that using their tax prep program will get you the biggest refund that you’re entitled to.

Their “Deluxe” edition guides you through maximizing your tax deductions. “Premier” is geared to those with investments and/or rental property. “Home & Business” takes care of those who are self-employed, are a contractor, or run a small business. This year, TurboTax has introduced a new “Military Edition” to address the special needs of those in the active duty military, the reserves, and their families.

It’s always free to start your return with TurboTax and you don’t pay until your finished. Just gather your W-2’s and other docs (TurboTax can even import many tax documents directly from your employer or financial institution) and their program asks easy-to-answer questions and fills in all the right tax forms for you.

So, get started. It’s not too late, and with TurboTax you’ll be surprised and pleased with how easy and fast your return is to prep, complete and file. Plus, when you see that big, fat refund show up, you’ll be more than pleased you turned to TurboTax Tax for help.

By: Peter

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