Avanquest WebEasy Pro 10 Helped Me Lose My Virginity

Don’t get too excited – it helped me lose my modern website building virginity, not the “other” kind. I lost that on my wedding night, just like my wife did. I also have some swampland in Florida to sell you, if you’re interested. But let’s focus on some great website building software, shall we? Thank you.

Long story short: I volunteered to build the website for our kids’ charter school. I had designed a website for my band and my wife’s home business years ago, (using software that I won’t mention here for fear of embarrassment) so I thought it would be a snap. Guess what? Site building and what they can and should do have changed a lot since then. I was thinking I may have promised more than I could deliver but then I discovered WebEasy Professional 10 and I was saved!

I quickly realized I could kill two birds with one stone here. My wife had read an article on the BBC, “Reboot Your Profits With a Digital Makeover,” about how small businesses were losing money because of having lame websites, and was demanding I “reboot” hers. Understandable – I like money, too. Now I could build out the school’s site and hers as well.

Easy To Use

Just like the name implies, WebEasy was incredibly easy to use. You don’t need to know HTML and it uses drag-and-drop techniques that creates your website and generates the HTML code itself. You start off with a Web Assistant that takes you through three basic steps: choosing a template, customizing the design, and then publishing.

Step 1: Select a Design – You can choose from more that 600 professionally designed templates tailored for business, school and home use. Perfect.

Step 2: Customize Your Design - Put in your own photos and sound files, or choose from their library. You can also drop in graphics, and can of course customize the text, colors, fonts, and add links.

Step 3: Publish Your Website - Publishing to the Internet is done with just a click. WebEasy automatically previews the final version and creates the HTML code for you.


Adobe Flash & Video - You can add your own or other videos to the your site with just a few clicks.

Blogs - An assistant helps you set up a blog if you need one. You can even start a podcast.

Integration – Insert Google maps into the site, as well as any MySpace, Facebook, Flickr or Picasa presence you may have.

Online store – Obviously, for my wife’s business, this was an essential. She can now link to and sell on eBay and use secure PayPal or credit card payments. Plus, our school needs a secure way to accept donations and payments for online auctions we hold. Again, perfect.

Web hosting - WebEasy provides three months of free hosting with your purchase. After that, its prices are very competitive.

Compatibility – WebEasy is compatible with Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 3.5, Google Chrome, Safari 4 and more, with iPhone® and Smartphone optimized website templates.

The software comes with a great interactive tutorial, but before buying it, I wanted to see if it really was as easy as it claims to be. I found a video on YouTube that proved it was. It wasn’t uploaded by Avanquest so I’m not going to post it here, but it is worth checking out if you’re consider buying WebEasy. Here’s the link: Building A Website With Webeasy 10 Pro.

Do I recommend it? Yes! Come on, it’s easy, it’s affordable (buy it with a discount), and it works. What else is there to say? No wonder it’s the #1 Best Selling Web Design Software for Windows. If it made me a star, it can make you one, too. Buy it already.      

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By: Peter

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