Beach Baby: How to Keep Your Little One Safe From the Sun

Every year that passes, it seems we learn more and more about the dangers of sun exposure. When I was a teenager, I would go to the tanning booth and then the beach. I would only use tanning oil on my skin and I’d get excited for a little sunburn. My justification was, “it might hurt today, but tomorrow it’ll be a nice golden brown.” My parents were even more extreme. My mother used baby oil and would lay on the beach for hours and hours. No SPF in sight. 

We were foolish. And the little knowledge we did have at the time, was nowhere near the level of awareness and healthy fear that we all have today. But knowledge is power. And our children don’t have to make the same mistakes that we did. We know more and we can do more to teach them the proper ways to protect their skin from the sun.

Babies have ultra-sensitive skin, so they need as much protection as possible. One coat of SPF 15 will just not do. Traveling with a little one can be tough. Hell, doing anything with a little one is tricky. They require so much stuff, and you do NOT want to find yourself stranded without the things you need.

Here are the items you’ll need to bring along for a fun day in the sun with your kiddo.

Beach Hat

Personally, I can’t pull off hats. Babies sure can though. Every single baby looks adorable in any hat you pop on their head. Get one with a floppy brim and a chin strap to help keep it from moving or falling off. Some even offer UPF protection! Check this one out from

Bucket Hat- Plaid (UPF 50+) - Aqua ($13.00)

Giggle has some fantastic products for sun protection, and if you use a discount code, your budget will be just as protected as your baby’s delicate skin.

SPF 50+

Sunscreen is the best bet for warding off the harmful rays of the sun. Go with SPF 50 or higher, and make sure you reapply multiple times throughout the day. 


We’ve got the head covered and the skin. Now it’s time to cover the body. Full-body baby swimsuits are trendy right now for a reason. Because they’re the smartest way to go. It’s as simple as more coverage, less risk. Check this one out! It’s adorable.

One-Piece Sunsuit (UPF 50+) - Girl ($27.00)  

Beach Tent, Umbrella, or Awning

Just because you have the sunscreen, a full-body swimsuit, and a hat for your child, doesn’t mean it’s the best idea to stick them out in the sun. If you’re able to create a shady spot for your child to play in the sand, using a beach tent, umbrella, or awning, he or she will have added protection. This might sound like a lot, but your child’s skin is not worth risking. And if you use all of these forms of protection, you might be able to enjoy your time at the beach as well!

There’s only one month left of summer, so make sure you and your little one can relax and have fun out in the sun!

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