Best Articles of the Week: DIY, Ben Franklin, & Girl Scout Cookies

Happy Valentine’s Day to all our pals! I hope the day is bringing you lots of love and candy, and all that. And if it’s not, I hope it’s at least a great Friday. Check out our favorite articles this week, featuring some nifty infographics, some wisdom, and some projects. As it should be.

Business Insider: Ben Franklin's Way to Wealth 

We are always on the lookout for the wisest advice in saving and managing money. Here’s a reminder that Benjamin Franklin was the original source for smart money habits, back in the day. From Business Insider.

Daily Finance Infographic: Simple Steps to Change Bad Money Habits 

Do you have bad money habits? If you want to clean up your act, this infographic illustrates how to improve your money skills by aligning your goals with your spending. From

Daily Worth & POP SUGAR: Free Apps to Save You Money 

We love trying new apps to save money, especially when they’re free. Check out the Free Wifi app to find, uh, free wifi in your area. From PopSugar and Daily Worth.

The Cultureist: 50 Tips for World Travel 

Another sweet infographic/quiz on the habits and skills of the world traveler. From the Cultureist

Apartment Therapy: DIY Laundry Racks 

If you’re looking to save money or conserve energy, air drying at least some of your clothes is a smart thing to do. When I do laundry, every surface in my apartment ends up covered in wet clothes, so I’m definitely making one of these. From Apartment Therapy.

Eve of Reduction: Best T-Shirt Transformations 

All red-blooded Americans have experienced the glut of unappealing t-shirts clogging up your dressers and closets, but only Eve of Reduction can show us how to upcycle them into something we want to wear. From Eve of Reduction.

Consumerist: Best Beer Pairings for Girl Scout Cookies 

As a former Girl Scout, it feels a little sacrilegious to partner beer and Girl Scout cookies, but as an adult cookie monster, if feels like a perfectly sensible way to spend some time. Major props to the cicerones (beer sommeliers-best job ever?) who suggested these pairings! From Consumerist.

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