Best Black Friday Deals in Tablets

When the iPad hit the scene a few years ago, there was a lot of debate on whether or not the tablet was the wave of the future or just an expensive, time-wasting doodad. Now that we are several generations along, and have so many manufacturers to choose from, it seems pretty safe to say the tablet has changed how we use computers. And it’s not even close to reaching its full potential. Whether you joined the bandwagon in the first wave or are just testing the waters, (to mix metaphors) if you are planning on buying a tablet this year, Black Friday, our old friend, is going to be the smart time to buy.

 iPad Mini From MacMall 

The godfather of all the tablets is the Apple iPad, and I know I don’t even need to tell you that. Apple’s newer iterations of the iPad play with the size, to give you a tablet computer that’s even more portable and easy to use than it’s predecessors. At only 7.9 inches, it’s about 2 inches smaller than the traditional iPad, and that 2 inches increases portability, while slimming down the weight of the machine. If your kids love an iPad, the iPad mini will be easier for them to handle and manipulate, not too mention, the mini comes with a minified price tag, running typically $300 cheaper than the traditional models. The mini still features built-in wifi, 16gb of memory, an HD camera, and more features we’ve come to expect from Apple, just smaller and quicker. Like so many things Mac, shop nowhere without checking the prices at MacMall, first. Especially on Black Friday.

Kindle Fire HDX from Amazon 

Waiting on the horizon is Amazon’s answer to the iPad mini, the Kindle Fire HDX, which is due out in a week. All in all, it’s a little bigger. Slightly bigger in size, at 8.9 inches it is between the size of the original iPads and the minis. It boasts a slightly larger price tag, as well, clocking in at $60 more than the iPad mini. The HDX has a real edge on the iPad with it’s screen pixel density, which is more than twice the density of the other screens. If you use your tablet for streaming media like television and movies, this is your best choice, in terms of graphic quality. You also get the benefit of the integrated Amazon Prime and Cloud service, to keep you mainlining all the video content you can handle. I probably don’t have to tell you where you get the best deals on the Kindle, due to their proprietary placement, but keep your eyes on Amazon’s markdowns for Black Friday, which should offer a great discount on this hot little tablet.

Google Nexus 7 From PC Mall 

Last but not least, is the Google Nexus tablet. This is the tablet everyone’s super excited about. The Google Nexus is the super Android platform tablet, the smallest tablet in the bunch. At only 7 inches long, the Google Nexus is an ultra portable tablet computer that weighs slightly more than half a pound, perfect for toting around pretty much anywhere, and able to fit in some of your larger pockets, if you’re into that kind of thing. The Nexus has a finer screen resolution than the iPad, but not as fine as the Kindle Fire. It has a zippy little processor, making the ideal tablet for gaming and apps. Not unlike the Chromebook, part of the charm of the Google Nexus is the price tag. Presently, the Nexus is $30 cheaper than the iPad mini, and $110 cheaper than the Kindle Fire. Getting you a serious little machine for far less. Come Black Friday, and with the price-reliability of PC Mall, you will be scoring a great deal for a great tablet with the Google Nexus.

Black Friday is your big chance to score a new tablet computer! No matter your platform, iOS or Android, there’s an affordable tablet out there, making them a great gift for that special someone. Even if that special someone is yourself. 

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