Best Black Friday Deals in Televisions

It seems like the first goal in the mind of any quality Black Friday shopper is to score a new TV as soon as Thanksgiving dinner is over. And with great reason. Lots of retailers offer their better deals on televisions during the shopping extravaganza, and in the following weeks. There’s no accounting for exactly how low the prices will go, at what stores, and what brands. But there are three reliable sellers to watch to score the best deal.

Best Buy  

25% Off HDTVs

Is it possible that the practice of rock bottom TV prices on Black Friday originated with this big-box electronics super seller? Even if you decided to shop today, the newest HDTV’s are on sale for up to 25% off their regular price, which means you can get a 46” LG Class $250 less than usual. That’s a lot of TruMotion graphics for a small price. HDTV’s also qualify for free shipping to your local store, so the savings are strong with this one. Expect to see this excellent deal get a lot sweeter on Black Friday.


25% Off Top Brands 

One criticism leveled at the selling fervor that is Black Friday, is that retailers only mark down the no-name brands on Black Friday, knowing that they can make more money on volume. Plenty of consumers will opt for the name brand item, even if they have to pay more, because they’re still going to buy a TV! Today, you can save 25% or more on name brand televisions at Walmart, and that includes Samsung, Toshiba, Vizio, and LG. Our same LG Class would cost you only $10 more at Walmart, but also offers free shipping - a steal! We anticipate that the deals on top brands will be even greater for Black Friday, so don’t sleep on it.

20% Off 4K Ultra HD 

So, imagine you’re interested in something of a little higher quality in a new television. You might like to check out the Toshiba 4K Ultra HD, with four times the pixel density of your standard HD television, you’re looking at a much more intense resolution than you would ordinarily see. These are the TVs that bring tears to your eyes with their color and clarity, be warned. This is really top of the line for televisions, and if you haven’t met yet, let this be your introduction! If the 4K Ultra HD is your cup of tea, you won’t even need to leave the house to get one. This week you can save up to 25% on this cutting edge tech, but bookmark it for Black Friday. It is likely there will be a great deal on these.

Don’t blow your budget on televisions when you can save so much by waiting for Black Friday. Put these deals to work for your wallet so you can get more of what you want. And don’t forget to check out our latest and greatest coupons to save you more.

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