Best Black Friday Deals on Cell Phones

Catching a break on new electronics is what Black Friday is all about, and cell phones are no exception. Sounds like Verizon decided not to cut many deals this year, but our big box buddies Walmart, Target, and Amazon know what’s up. The usual suspects are on sale for Black Friday, so if you’re in the market for a Samsung Galaxy, the new iPhone 5S, or LG Optimus, you can make out like a bandit this year.


Everybody and their dog is going to be storming Walmart Black Friday, and their deals start earlier in the week. For their Black Friday Sale, Walmart is featuring the Galaxy III for just $.97, and the iPhone 5S for $189. If these prices don’t quite stagger, the better deal is the perks: Trade in your smartphone at Walmart and you get a $75 store gift card, plus up to $300 store credit towards the purchase of your new phone.


If Target is more your speed, you won’t be disappointed this year. For Black Friday, Target is offering the Samsung Galaxy III for just a penny, and the Galaxy S4 for $39.99. They are also featuring a deal on the iPhone 5S, only $179.99, plus a $30 Target gift card with your purchase. 

As usual, Amazon is a big contender on the Black Friday front, working with Sprint to offer mean deals on top cell phones. The Samsung Galaxy III featuring strongly again, here, being offered for just a penny. The other great deal Amazon is offering is the LG Optimus for only a penny with a contract.

If you’re looking for a great deal on cell phones, Black Friday is your time to shine! Best wishes that you get the best deal with the minimum of hassle, this year.

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