Best Deals: Black Friday Laptops

There’s really only one day of shopping that truly matters, so notable and powerful that it has a name and is on the calendars of nearly all red-blooded Americans, and is pretty much its own holiday. Black Friday, that day of economic and intestinal fortitude, cunning, and frankly, jaw-dropping deals, where everyone knows you’re probably getting the best prices on pretty much everything that you’ll see all year, not to mention some excellent hand-to-hand shopping combat. Honestly, I’m not into the idea of busting down doors and trampling folks at Walmart for a television, or crowd surfing at the mall. But I love a good deal, and am determined to not spend a cent more than absolutely necessary to get what I want. Since we’re all interested in buying someone in our life, or ourselves, a laptop this year, I have 3 places you must look before you even head out the door.

Best deal #1:Lenovo Ideapad Flex 14 

Any time of year, you can score pretty incredible deals at Lenovo, they are a reliable source of excellent tech with near weekly sales and coupons. This year, they have many new styles of laptops and computers, and the one you want to keep an eye on is the Ideapad Flex 14. The Ideapad Flex 14 is a convertible laptop that can go from conventional laptop to touchscreen tablet, with a 300 degree rotation range. With a 14-inch screen, it’s sizeable but not unwieldy, the body is ultra thin and the whole machine weighs in under 5 pounds. Lenovo Ideapads are optimized for Windows 8, so PC users can get a lot of love out these little babies. Between the touchscreen and the pricepoint, this laptop would be a great gift for just about anyone. Expect to find bargain prices on the Ideapad Flex this year.

Best Deal #2: HP Pavilion Touchsmart 

For approximately the same price as the Flex, HP lovers can enjoy the new HP Pavilion Touchsmart, a traditional clamshell laptop, also with a touchscreen. Featuring a 14-inch screen, and super lightweight, this Pavilion gives you all the HP affordability and accessibility that you expect, as well as the customizable specs to fit your needs, including storage expandable up to a whopping 1TB. Pavilions run Windows 8, plus innovative cloud storage accounts through the Box app. The HP Pavillion Touchsmart is a hot ticket this year, keep an eye on HP to roll out some deep discounts for Black Friday.

Best Deal #3: MacBook Air from MacMall  

If you know you want a Mac, you know nothing else will do. And you have to know that MacMall should be your first stop for Black Friday deals, since Macs can cost more than twice as much as popular PC brands. If you’re looking for Mac style and function, with a reasonable price tag, check out the MacBook Air. This lightweight, ultra thin laptop runs slightly smaller than our previously mentioned picks at 13.3 inches at the largest, but packs a punch with zippy flash memory and long battery life.There is no touchscreen, you need an iPad for that, but reviewers love the lightweight body, slim profile, and effortless multitasking. If you want to give the gift that works right out of the box, MacBook Air is the stylish superstar you've been waiting for. Keep MacMall on your to-do list this Black Friday for your Mac purchases.

Of all the things Black Friday can deliver, you can always count on super hot prices on laptops. Make sure your first stop, before you even head out the door (at midnight, am I right?) is to these best deals for laptops. Scoring the best deals does not necessarily mean having to get dressed and leave the house, when you know where to look.

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