Best Deals for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day has a sort of dark legacy of pagan festivals, martyred saints, and handmade paper cards. Cut to today’s Valentine’s Day in which we martyr our wallets and begrudgingly yet giddily make offerings to our loved ones, to express our devotion in the time honored traditions set forth by greeting card companies. Despite myself, let me say that I am a fan of Valentine’s Day, mainly because it is wonderful to have a holiday to celebrate love. 

If you're shopping for the tried-and-true gold standard Valentine's gifts, I've found some of the best deals to help you out, plus a couple unique deals you may not have thought of.


I don’t know anyone turning down chocolate this time of year. Even my friend who’s allergic to chocolate is popping Benadryl in hopes that someone tosses some Godiva her way. Godiva  presently has a sweet (see what I did there?) coupon to save you 15% on your order, so you can get your mom a box, too, and spread the love buzz . 

Name one quintessential romantic edible and it’s probably going to be chocolate covered strawberries. Have you tried the wonder that is Shari’s Berries? Artfully decorated and delicious, you really can't go wrong here. Have those babies delivered to your loved one, and it’s on like Donkey Kong, as the kids say. Use a coupon and save on your order. 

What if you want to send chocolate and maybe a little more? Take a look at Harry and David to score one of their hand delivered gifts. Their gift boxes combine all that's good: they have chocolate, they have cookies and cakes, they have fruit. They have coupons on all Valentine gifts, and free shipping for the holiday. They even have lobster dinner for two. So romantic! You don't even have to leave the house for this.


If chocolate isn’t on the menu this year, or you want to level-up on your gift giving, no one ever slept on the couch for giving a gorgeous bunch of flowers. Start with the plants and bouquets at Proflowers. This week they have great deals on the classic red rose bouquet, as well as more unique arrangements, like Stargazer lilies, and heart shaped bamboo plants, delivered to your door. Or their job, where all coworkers will be jealous, and what greater gift is there than the burning envy of coworkers?

Don't forget to check out the selection over at 1-800-Flowers. In addition to their charming bouquets, they are also featuring gifts like giant teddy bears, and the new 31 Days of Love Notes gift, which delivers a jar of loving phrases to your loved one, for a whole month of Valentine's Day glow. Save a bundle with one of their sweet deals .


Jewelry is a reliable and impressive gift for men and women, provided you know the taste and style of your giftee. For those who love gold and diamonds, start your search over at, where they have created a jewelry guide for Valentine’s Day that will garner you steep discounts on necklaces, rings, and earrings. Take a coupon with you! 

Another contender you should check out for best deals is My Jewelrybox. Don't miss their stunning birth stone jewelry, and their fine selection of heart-shaped pendants and rings. Also, please don't miss their coupons to save you a bundle.

For the more understated or eclectic, don’t miss the sweet styles of Dogeared. Their collection has been featured in many magazines for being affordable and adorable. Particularly in-demand are their single pearl "Pearls of Love" necklaces which are on-trend right now. Don't miss this month's $10 off coupon

Finally, grab a great deal on jaw-dropping style at the globally influenced Novica. If your sweetheart is a traveler with a world market aesthetic, Novica’s jewelry and accessories are going to make you their hero, especially now, since all valentine’s gifts are 10% off, and very unique. 

Off the Beaten Track

If you’re looking at this list and thinking “Uh, flowers? Chocolate? Cliché! Boring!" I got you. Positive psychologists  have long shown that when it comes to money, spending money on things tends to give less happiness than spending money on experiences. Perhaps the best gift you could give to your love would be finding a great Groupon deal on an event in your town, a new restaurant, a theater show, or a massage. Similarly, your loved one might most appreciate a little pampering. Check out Spa Week for gift cards to spas in your area, as well as recommended spa vacations. Use a coupon and save on gift cards.  

Let’s say you have some cash to drop and your future is a fitness freak. You need to know about the Clymb, a membership-based outdoor outfitter. In addition to their stellar deals on clothes and outdoor gear, they also feature adventures, travel packages that cater to the active traveler. Don’t miss their limited time travel deals, starting at just $299 and featuring domestic and far-flung locales, such as the Galapagos Islands.

No one said love needs to be expensive! A heartfelt gift for the person you love will always be appreciated, especially if it comes from you. Save money on the things they like with some great deals and coupons, and show your wallet a little love, too. Good luck!

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