Best Deals For Your Nest

This time of year, people can get a little thing called Cabin Fever. You may have had it. Symptoms include massive dissatisfaction with no acute source, general annoyance, a claustrophobic sensation while in your home, aggravating feelings of boredom, snappy and curt communications with loved ones, a feeling that all clothes are perhaps itchier and more ill-fitting than they were before. Not all people experience all symptoms, and perhaps those living in sunny California have never experienced this sensation. But suffice it to say, come late January or February, most people start feeling a little dissatisfied with...something. If you know this feeling, you know Cabin Fever.

Luckily, there are easy and effective cures available. One of the best known cures is to go outside. If it’s still below zero where you are, this is likely to have uncomfortable side effects. If this is not an option, try the other well known cure: home improvement.

I’m not talking about hammer and nails home improvement, I mean, unless you’re up for it, but rather the sorts of simple changes that can make the oldest, most claustrophobic home feel refreshed. I’m talking about relining your nest, so to speak. If a fresh pair of sheets, a new duvet cover, or even a less ratty towel might alleviate some of that cabin fever, this is the very best time to make improvements to your nest, and here are the best deals.

World Market: 50% off Furniture 

Are you a world traveler? Want the look without the Dramamine? Go grab the furniture deals over at World Market. There’s not much time left on their sale, but if you act fast you can get up to 50% off furniture. That’s a new couch to replace the one you’re going to destroy for the Superbowl, or a chaise lounge for reading books and looking sultry. Excellent prices on interesting furniture pieces, a breath of fresh air.

Crate & Barrel: 20% Off Bed & Bath 

This sale encompasses most of the things you want to refresh your home with: colorful shower curtains, soft towels, sheets and comforters, small furniture, and accessories. For the preppy modern set, check out the deals on home goods here. Also, don’t miss the simultaneous deals on mattresses and beds. 

Williams-Sonoma: 20% Off Bed and Bath 

For your silk quilts, your crisp, embroidered sheets, your fine towel sets, enjoy this sale over at Williams-Sonoma. It’s a rare time of year when there’s a coupon code available that can save so much. Check out the selection for the items that also qualify for free shipping and save even more!

Macy’s: 20-50% Off Plus an Extra 10% Off Apartment Essentials 

I’m pretty sure you don’t have to prove you live in an apartment to take advantage of this sale. Including furniture, bedding, bath, and dishes, if you need to outfit any part of your home, or your neighbors home, this sale is the time and place. Check out the especially sweet deals on dishes, including some sets which are buy one get one free.

Until Spring makes its official entrance, we must guard against cabin fever vigilantly. Use these best deals to refresh your surroundings on the cheap while we ride out these last few weeks of winter.

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