Best Deals for Your New Year's Eve Party

New Year’s Eve is hands-down my favorite holiday. I’m all about reflecting on the past, thinking about the year and then saying ‘See ya! Don’t let the door hit you on the butt on your way out, 2013!’ I love the celebration: getting dressed up, seeing friends and family, the noisemakers, the countdown, the champagne, the kissing. Friends, I love it all. The best part is, when the party is over, it’s a brand new year, and we just rang it in like bosses.

Usually, I like to go out on New Year’s Eve, but this year I am hosting a little shindig of my own, so I’ve been looking for some awesome deals this week to stock my party. Here are some of the best deals I found.

15% Off New Year's Cards 

First of all, I’m sending out some New Year’s cards. I only half-heartedly send out Christmas cards every year, because I would much rather send out New Year’s cards. That’s how much I love this holiday. This year, we’re doing a swanky and unique photo card from, which are 15% off. They will double serve as my invitations, because I am thrifty (read: cheap), but Minted has swell invitations too. Party Decorations From $.50 

Now I’m working on the decorations, because I want my place decked. I’m looking at these decorations from, because they fit my black and silver theme. Their supplies start at just 50 cents, which is pretty unbeatable. My shopping cart is full of streamers and confettis and I’m only down about $8.75, at this point. Plus there’s a coupon, so I’m probably going to overdo it and still make out like a bandit.

Party City Wearables 

I also like to get some things for people to dress up in and be goofy, for the pictures, so I’m scoring some of these Party City wearables, too. I plan on getting a couple of sets of these eye glasses with fake moustaches and "2014" on them, since they’re only about $5.99, so everybody and their dog (if they bring their dog) can have some sweet glasses and tiaras and boas.

20% Off Bollinger Brut from 

You know I’m about champagne on the holiday, and I have found a great deal on some bottles of the fine Bollinger Brut over at The one I am looking at is on sale for 20% off this week, so I’m buying several bottles for my guests. There are some cheaper bottles, as well,  so I may stock up. I’ll probably get some sparkling apple cider for the conscientious, too.

Sur La Table Wine Glasses 

And of course, we need something to drink all that lovely bubbly from. I have my eye on these classic Schott Zwiesel Vinao glasses from Sur La Table. It’s tempting to get some plastic stemware and be ultra thrifty, but like I said, New Years is my favorite holiday and one of my resolutions is to throw more parties. I’m going for it on these glasses, they are 40% off, a bargain and a legacy purchase, as long as my guests don’t break them. (They better not break them.)

That’s my party! Those are some banging bargains, so when you throw your New Year's Eve party, I don’t mind at all if you steal them. After all, money saved on your New Year’s Eve party means more money for 2014! Have a safe and happy New Year, your invitation is in the mail.


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