Best Deals in Home Fitness

Do you dream of being incredibly fit? Does the word “Bowflex” pique your curiosity? Does the fear of being sweaty and red in public prevent you from maximizing your gym time, or even keep you from the gym altogether? Look, I’m not even going to frame this in the New Year’s resolution lens, because working out without joining a gym should be a consideration all year long, not just after the holiday shame spiral. No, if you have ever thought that working out at home might be a more successful endeavor than joining the gym and not going, let me show you some excellent deals that can be had this time of year, when fitness equipment is at its most affordable.

Bowflex: Up to $600 Off Home Gyms

If you’ve watched enough late night, or Saturday afternoon television, you have met Bowflex, of the mechanically and muscularly inspiring infomercial. What you may not know is that in addition to the Bowflex and Bowflex Extreme, those machines with all the sweet prongs and levers and pulleys, the Bowflex company also carries a selection of other home fitness equipment, including the Treadclimber - a treadmill stairclimber, the Max Trainer - a souped-up spin bike, and other fitness machinery. Check out Bowflex this month to save the most, as they’re featuring an up to $600 off deal on most equipment. You can also grab a coupon

Smooth Fitness: $100 Off  

I enjoy the treadmill. There. I said it. I think I’m supposed to find them boring and uninspiring, but as the perpetually late to the party nerd that I am, I only recently discovered the treadmill, and still have a crush on them. If you, like me, like treadmills, ellipticals, or exercise bikes, I’d like to introduce you to Smooth Fitness. They carry tiers of equipment to appeal to both the novice and aficionado; the apartment dweller and the palatial athlete; with a range of prices to satisfy any wallet. They currently have a deal in which you get $100 off any order over $1299, plus every online order also gets free delivery. It’s worth it just for the free delivery, in my book. For a little extra, they’ll even put your new toy together for you.

Beach Body: 33% Off Turbo Fire 

Are you wondering how an adult made it so long without having encountered a treadmill? People always ask me, and to be honest, it’s because I was really into doing exercise videos my whole life. Ever since scoring a Jane Fonda tape at a garage sale for a quarter (crushing deals since 1986), I have been a do-it-yourself-at-home-in-front-of-the-TV-while-your-brother-makes-fun-of-you kind of girl. So, I have a strong affinity for the video workout resurgence with the Insanity workouts and the whole deal happening over at BeachBody. Turns out, you can get a great deal on the Turbo Fire series, a close relative of the legendary Insanity workouts, plus score all sorts of free gifts just for ordering the set. Beat that, Jane Fonda!

Sears: 10% Off All Home Fitness Gear 

Even trusty department stores are in the action to get people more fit, like Sears. Sears is having a straight-up “We know you said you were going to work out more” sale through the end of the month (I know, I’m not giving you a lot of time here). If you are looking for a good deal on kettle bells and weight sets, move on this, because they’re all 10% off. Plus, you can take a coupon with you and save like $5 more.

What home fitness method would work best for you and your budget? Fitness doesn’t need to be a New Year’s resolution, or achieved by attending your local gym. Set yourself up to work out at home, and you can save both time and money.

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