Best Deals in Shoes

Folks can never get enough shoes. I used to always scoff at people with their huge shoe collections, while I rocked worn out tennies almost every day of the year. But something broke in me as I got older. Suddenly, I could not stop looking at shoes,  buying shoes, and still finding I didn’t have the right shoes. I wish I could tell you when this transformation occurred, but it was gradual and innocuous. Now, I am highly attuned to shoes, always hunting for the best deals, and strategizing the best way to get all the shoes I want, at an affordable price. Because you need good running shoes, right? And you need some shoes that look good with dress pants. And you want some shoes that look adorable with your skinny jeans, and another pair for dresses. Plus sandals for schlubbing, and sandals for looking cute. Maybe some Chucks when you want to get real, and some hiking shoes for when you hit the trails…and suddenly you are looking at like a dozen pairs of shoes, with pretty clear reasoning for each. So in the interest of the shoe habit we both have, and my personal goal to make sure you aren’t spending all your cash on your feet, let’s look at where to find the best deals on shoes today.

Exhibit A. Boots Sale 

When I stumble across a pair of shoes I like, I hit first. They have a huge selection of styles, they have mens and womens shoes, plus they have everything to go with a great pair of shoes, like clothes and bags. The best deal at is their boot sale. Looking for fashionable and trendy boots, like the new heeled booties? $59.99 or less right now. Looking for something classic? Check out tried and true, and loved for decades, Frye boots which are now 60% off. You have to keep an eye on, their sales change every week, and so does their stock, so it’s worth watching them.

Exhibit B.

Shop the Shoe Box Friends and Family Sale 

Our shoes announce who we are when we walk into a room. Cover your bases if you’re a fox in the office, a lady on the street, and you know how to tear up the club, by checking out the designer deals at, which features select designers like Vince Camuto, and offers up to 50% off many of the styles. Strappy heels? Check. Demure loafers, in silver? Check. Sophisticated booties and seductive sandals? Check, check. has your feet covered.

Exhibit C. GETFALL Sale 

20% Off Orders $80+

If you’re looking for seemingly every available Doctor Marten style, and pretty much every other major brand, do yourself a solid and look at Their regular prices are reasonable, the shipping and returns are free, and there’s definitely something for everybody. Right now, the best deal for is their coupon for 20% off orders $80 and more. Obviously, this is an excellent score.

Don’t postpone joy when it comes to shoes. I think of the years I wasted in my one or two pairs of old tennis shoes with some regret. If only I had been more stylish! Now, I know where to feed my addiction and not wipe out my bank account, and so do you.

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