Best Deals in Stocking Stuffers for Fancy Ladies

After buying gifts for ladies in your life, stuffing the stocking shouldn't be an afterthought nor an extravagance. But filling it should not make you suffer. It’s the little things that count! The stocking is the perfect place for utilitarian, yet elegant little gifts that will make your lady’s day brighter. Don’t forget to leave room in the toe for a traditional orange.

L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream 

Nothing says luxe and lovely the way L’Occitane beauty products can. This hand cream is legendary for it’s delicate shea scent and luxurious reliability. This little baby is carried in the purses of women all over the world, and I can tell you from experience, gets lots of jealous looks from those who aren’t carrying it. Get the travel size for a great deal, but beware, these things sell out fast.

Pacifica Take Me There Island Vanilla Set 

If you love the scent of cupcakes, treat yourself and the lady in your life to this fragrance set. The set includes body butter, perfume roll-on, and lip gloss, which are all perfect to stash in a purse or pocket, and will make her smell like baked goods all day long. She will appreciate the natural, organic fragrance, and the beautiful packaging. You will appreciate how awesome she smells, and the great price.

World Market Pashminas and Prayer Shawls 

So, I don’t think I’m saying anything controversial here, but ladies are susceptible to the cold. Don’t tell me you hadn’t noticed. If you wonder how scarves are still a thing even when it’s not winter, this is probably at the heart of it, ladies want to be warm. World Market has your back, with their selection of pashminas and prayer shawls to keep your lady warm and styling, and for only $4.99 this week. That’s a crazy good deal, so you can stuff her stocking with a few different colors, right?

Bjorn Borg Underwear 

I’m not going to pretend to know which precise pair of underwear will appeal to your particular lady, so you should look at all these shapes and colors. Right now all the Bjorn Borg underwear are 50% off, a great deal for seriously stylish and sporty underpinnings. Plus they are extremely cute and colorful. Some people may whine about getting underwear for Christmas, but they clearly aren’t getting Bjorn Borg undies.

Godiva Truffle Flights 

I was thinking about only writing sound effects here that indicate how delectable the Godiva truffle flights are, but I am a professional. Truffle flights are curated little truffle experiences, in the vein of wine or beer flights, aimed at pleasing a particular palette. If your lady loves cake, there’s a flight for that! If she’s into milk chocolate, there’s a flight for that too. There are seven sets to choose from, carefully boxed in long skinny boxes perfect for dropping in a stocking, and very affordable. If you’re lady loves fine chocolate, these pretty chocolates will make a sweet gift.

Don’t phone it in on the stocking stuffers when there are deals this good to be had. The fancy girl in your life will appreciate you taking the time for the little things, and that’s what it’s all about. Good luck!

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