Best Deals in Textbooks

Are you a student, or do you know a student? If so, you may have noticed that winter break is just about over, and it’s time for everybody to get back to hitting the books. The beginning of every semester offers great opportunities to blow ridiculous amounts of money on dreaded textbooks. It used to be that you had to buy all your textbooks and hope that they could be sold back (for pennies on the dollar) or that they were riveting reading you’d come back to again and again and thus keep on your shelves, not to mention duking it out with classmates over who gets the last copy of that Theory of Semiotics text.

Thankfully, now there are more resources for students to get those textbooks and not blow all their scholarship money. Take a look at all of these great options to find the best deals for you or your student: buying books online, renting textbooks, and ebooks. 5% Off & Free Shipping 

If you like the traditional feel of the 35 lbs. textbook, check out, where all books are up to 80% less than at the bookstore and all rentals and purchases get free shipping, and free returns within 21 days. Rent your books for as long as you want: a month to a semester. With many titles in the $17 range per rental period, it’s a steal. Take a coupon with you to score a little more savings this semester. 8% Off & Free Shipping 

Another handy option for those who prefer the physical copy is, offering both rentals and purchases. They also offer free shipping and free returns at the end of your rental. also offers flexible rental terms, so you can keep your books up to a semester. Try a coupon with your order and save more. Free Trial of Chegg Study 

At the intersection of buying, renting, or reading online, find Here, you can buy used textbooks, rent textbooks, sell your old textbooks, and check out ebooks. On top of their selection of textbooks, check out Chegg Study, which offers 24/7 online study support and step-by-step guided solutions. You can try Chegg Study for free right now, where it’s usually $14.95. $5 Off Orders $50+ 

Cengage offers, perhaps, the widest array of options for your textbook use. With Cengage you can purchase new books at roughly 20% off list price, you can rent the books, you can borrow the ebook for about 75% off list, or you can check out echapters. Not all titles are available in all three formats, but if you’re interested in saving on new books and having a choice between soft and hardcover, you’ll want to check out the deals at, as well as their coupons .

College is expensive! Save money any way you can, starting with how you get your books. These great deals should leave students with more room in the pizza budget this semester.

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