Best Deals in Winter Travel

Man, I need to get out of town. Here, in sunny Austin, the edges of the polar vortex trapping the country in their homes is just sort of tickling us, but it’s dragged the temps down far enough to remind us that even so far south, it’s still winter. Blargh, winter. Once upon a time, I lived in Minneapolis, where I hear it's now colder than certain parts of a planet millions of miles away. For real. It's clear to me that the polar vortex has guaranteed each of us the simple right to go somewhere, anywhere else, where we don't have to be cold 24/7.

I am seeing lots of great deals on travel, especially to warm-weather destinations, so check out the best deals out there this week, and let’s get out of here!

Travelocity Spring Break Sale 

That old travel maxim about booking early can save you beaucoups bucks right now, if you book hotel rooms through Travelocity’s Spring Break sale. They are advertising rooms as low as $44 in warm locales like Orlando, FL and Cancun. Combine that with any of their many flight deals and you have yourself a nice little getaway for not so much money.

Expedia Bermuda Sale 

If your idea of vacation is hanging by the clear blue ocean, rolling around in white sand, and drinking margaritas, rather than scraping your windshield and silently crying in your car while it warms up, definitely check out the crazy good Bermuda sale at Expedia. Hotel bookings are up to 35% off, and the travel window goes through the end of May, so plenty of time to escape the long doldrums of winter. Signature at MGM Grand Sale 

The warm desert, the casinos, Britney Spears, that pawn shop show. Bop over to Las Vegas and take advantage of this deal on the Signature hotel of MGM Grand. The rooms are 15% off, and you get a $75 dining credit with your booking, so you can save your dinner dollars for the slots, or the cool old part of town. I’ve stayed at the MGM Grand, the bathroom alone was worth the price of the room. The Signature looks incredible. Puerto Rico Sale 

Yes, let’s do it. Puerto Rico. Warm sunniness, hanging out under the palm trees and in the mangroves, climbing mountains, and colorful market shopping are just what we need this winter.Some of the hotels on are 40% off per night right now, you can’t tell me you’re not into that after this week (because I won’t believe you).

See, polar vortex? You can’t control us, we’re heading to the beach, and you can’t stop us. Maybe with weather delays but whatever. Let's get out of town and use these deals to stretch those dollars. 

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