Best Deals on December Beauty

I feel like this is the time of year when your beauty routine goes into overdrive. You’ve got holiday parties to go to, you’re going to be posing for all those *cough *cough wonderful family pictures. Plus it’s winter, so every day is about managing holiday stress and cold weather. All this on less sleep and way less sunlight. But there’s also something comforting and festive about just getting decked out. This is when the pros get tough and serious about their beauty buys. December is one of the best times of year to save money on beauty products. Here are but a few of the best deals to be found.

Palette Sets from Sephora 

A sneaky trick to save cash on lipstick, lipgloss, and eye shadow, is to start with the palettes.You may have skipped these in the past because maybe they look intimidating, or like a bunch of stuff you won’t use, but if you’re looking for a bargain, and like me, find yourself hanging around the beauty department at your local drugstore wondering about all the colors, I suspect a palette will delight you. You get the benefit of many different products to choose from, plus expert little cases, complimentary tools, and the pleasure of trying colors you might ordinarily skip. 

Sephora is having a sweet sale that includes lots of  high-quality, brand name palettes, including this foxy Sephora + Pantone palette, which would also make an ideal gift for the graphic designer in your life who thinks in Pantone chips.

Ulta Mix and Match Sale 

Another sneaky trick is to go generic where you can. What applies to your store brand cereals and OTC meds can apply to your cosmetics, and this is where Ulta steps up. Through December 24th, Ulta is offering a buy 2 get 2 free mix and match sale on their Ulta brand items. Get any combination of four items for the price of two. My favorite products are their Beauty Smoothies (great for dry skin), their glittery eye shadows, and their Reliable Minerals line. The Ulta store line includes cosmetics, tools, implements, hair, and skincare. I’m filling up my basket as I write this out for you.

 Yves Rocher Holiday Collection 

I’m coming back to these guys in a couple of weeks on another topic, but if you’re looking for some festive make up for the season, in addition to world-class skin care, check out their line of limited edition holiday makeup. Ranging from $3-10, and including nail polish, eye makeup, lipgloss, and tools, there are some scores here on items that are seasonal, but will work all year long, and at such a great price. I especially like their sparkling eyeliner and jewel tone nail polishes. Yves Rocher also offers free samples, and lots of free gifts with every order, so for not much money, you really get a lot in the box. 

There you go, gorgeous! If ever there was a time to get glitzed and glammed, you know it’s in December. Try these best deals to get the look without the steep price tag. Let’s get gussied up, ‘tis the season, after all. 

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