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Heading off to college this fall? Your dorm room will be your study spot, a place to hang with friends, and of course your home. This is your chance to decorate it exactly how you want it. College is already expensive enough, so make sure you get the best deals on furniture, bedding, and decorations for your dorm room – here are some deals we found to give your poor wallet a break. 10% Off Value Bundles


With your big move to campus coming up, you’ve got a ton to think about. Which classes will you take, which requirements will they fill, will your roommate be cool, which organizations will you join… boring things like buying bedding and towels may start to slip your mind. makes buying all these things a no-brainer with their college value bundles. You’ll save 10% when you create your own bundle online, and you’ll get free shipping on orders of $50 or more. 25% Off


With limited space to decorate (seriously limited space, if your dorm room is anything like mine was), your bedding really makes your dorm room. Make sure it’s eye-catching and fun! Right now is offering 25% off all duvet covers and inserts, so you can go pick out your favorite and save. You’re also going to want to have friends over in your dorm room, so make sure you have enough seating for all of them. Nobody wants to sit on the floor, so get 20% off chairs and comfy poufs this weekend at 70% Off Packages

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If you think you’re busy while you’re getting ready to go to college, just wait till you get there. Between classes, social events, sports, studying, and the inevitable Netflix marathons, you’ll barely have a moment to breathe. You certainly won’t have time to worry about getting sheets, towels, kitchenware, pillowcases, or any of that. You can make it easy on yourself and buy it all at once in a package from Some of their packages are currently discounted up to 70%, so don’t procrastinate! 20% Off Dorm Furniture

When you move into your dorm room, you’ll have a bed, a desk, and a chair. That’s about it. If you want to hang out with friends in your room, you’re going to have to either sit on the floor or get some seating. Lucky for you, is offering up to 20% off dorm-friendly furniture, including chairs, foutons, bean bags, and sofa-beds. Most furniture ships free, too.

Wherever you’re headed for college in the fall, make sure to get the basics to make dorm life fun and comfortable. Then turn your attention to the most important thing: making the most of your college experience!

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