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Seeing as your heart is one of the most vital parts of your body, it’s always a good idea to make extra effort to take better care of it. Besides a healthy diet and plenty of exercise, you can give your heart an extra boost by taking heart health supplements like grape seed extract, CoQ10, and Omega-3 supplements. This week’s deals on supplements for heart health will help you keep your bank account just as healthy as your heart:

GNC: 55% Off Grape Seed Extract

When I hear “grape seeds,” the first thing I think of is the cereal Grape Nuts, but grape seed extract turns out to be a lot more important than a breakfast cereal. Grape seed extract has been linked with reduction of cholesterol, improved circulation, and anti-inflammatory effects. It also contains antioxidants that can protect your body’s cells from damage. Buying grape seed extract supplements can sometimes be a little pricy, but right now GNC is offering a 55% off deal. Stock up now, because this discount ends at the end of August!

Iceland Health: 10% Off Omega-3 Supplements

You’ve probably heard this and that about Omega-3 fatty acids, but do you know what they actually do for your body? Omega-3’s are found in a variety of sources, but fish oil is a main source. They can lower blood fat (triglyceride) levels, which lessens stress on your heart and so lessens your chances of developing heart disease. They can also boost the effectiveness of anti-inflammatory drugs and help with joint pain. Besides eating fish a few times a week, you can grab some Omega-3 supplements to make sure you’re getting enough. Iceland Health is currently offering 10% off any order with a coupon code, and if you join their Omega Advantage Club you’ll get even more discounts and benefits.

Dr. Whitaker: 30% Off CoQ10 Supplements

If you’re serious about your heart health, you’ve probably heard of, and maybe already take, CoQ10. CoQ10 (or Coenzyme Q10) is very important in the production of energy in the cells, and has been shown to inhibit blood clotting. This makes it an important supplement choice for people who already have heart disease or who want to avoid developing it. CoQ10 also has antioxidant properties, which help protect the integrity of the body’s cells. You can get CoQ10 supplements at a 30% discount right now with a Dr. Whitaker web-only deal.

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