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Sunny summer weather might not exactly inspire you to cook your favorite comfort dishes, but it certainly seems that summer is a good time to get a deal on the cookware you need to make them. Get a deal on cookware now, and then when the first cool breezes of autumn arrive, you’ll be ready to whip up something warm and scrumptious. Here are some great deals we’ve found on kitchen supplies and cookware this week: 50-70% Off Specials


Whether you prefer making a rich pot roast or baking brownies, has what you need to get it from kitchen to table. Just as a good painter knows that the quality of paint matters, a good cook knows to use only the best ingredients – and tools. Right now, is offering savings up to 70% on special deals, including Staub and Le Creuset  cookware, ice cream makers, and Vitamix blenders.

Williams-Sonoma: Extra 20% Off Sale & Free Shipping

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Ooh, often I have gazed longingly at your shelves, wishing to take home all the fancy cooking gear and gourmet ingredients my little heart desires! I know I’m not the only one. Now you can finally make your gourmet dreams come true, because Williams-Sonoma is offering an extra 20% off their sale prices, bringing the savings as high as 75% off. If you order today, you can also get your order shipped for free.

Calphalon: 75% Off

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If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen you’ve certainly heard the name Calphalon before, and maybe dreamed of one day owning Calphalon cookware. Well, that day has come! Take advantage of Calphalon’s special offers of up to 75% off cookware and finally get yourself the nice pots and pans you’ve been dreaming of.

You don’t have to be a master chef to appreciate saving a chunk of change on some nice cookware. Maybe it’s just the thing you need to get inspired for your next gourmet creation!

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