Best Deals On Lenovo Computers

Hear the mighty bellow of the persistent 2014 Snowpocalypse! All these snow days have meant lots of opportunities to curl up by the glow of your favorite computer and commence to some serious Facebooking and movie streaming. But my trusty laptop is growing a little dimmer lately, so I have been thinking about where to find the best deals on a new computer. When comparing prices among different brands, one name comes up time and time again for great deals on computers: Lenovo. Check out these deals on Lenovo computers and tell me they’re not the best you have seen this week.

$270 Off Android All-In-One 

Think of this affordable, all-in-one desktop PC as a giant Android tablet with the memory of a desktop computer. Built to contain the monitor and hard-drive in one slim, small package, the Android All-In-One features:

  • Decent sized 19.5” LED thin screen monitor, with a simple adjustable kickstand back

  • 320 GB hard drive with a zippy 2GB of memory

  • An integrated battery, which allows you to move it from room to room without plugging in, not unlike a tablet or laptop

  • Wireless connectivity to fit into your home wireless scheme

  • Operating system Android Jellybean - great news for Android phone and tablet users, with access to all the Googleplay apps

At it’s regular price of $599, the Android All-In-One clocks in 50% less than it’s cousin, the Apple iMac. With a coupon, you can save $270 on this versatile all in one computer to get the Android All-In-One for under $330.

27% Off IdeaPad Yoga Convertible 

If you’re a flexible user who can’t decide between a laptop or a tablet, the IdeaPad Yoga Convertible is what you’re looking for. Built for the user on the go, this model has a keyboard and screen size of a laptop but also has the functionality of a touchscreen. This computer offers one of the most flexible user experiences you can get, literally, since the hinge between the screen and keyboard rotates an almost complete 360 degrees.

  • You can outfit the Yoga Convertible with up to 256GB of storage

  • All models come with HDMI outputs plus HD screens

  • The aforementioned 360 degree laptop hinge allows for versatile user experience

  • The Yoga Convertible runs on Windows 8

Presently, you can save 27% on the Yoga Convertible, which start at $1099 but are on sale for only $799 this week, plus, check our Lenovo deals page  for a coupon.

26% Off Yoga Tablet 

For the truly mobile tablet seeker, there’s a deal for you too! If you want a decked-out tablet for well under $300, you must check out the Yoga 8 Tablet, a super lightweight 8” model. The details:

  • 32GB hard drive and 1.0GB memory

  • Wifi wireless and Bluetooth connectivity

  • Ultra long 18 hour battery life

  • HD screen

  • Front-facing speakers for a better audio experience

  • A kickstand back allowing the tablet to stand up or tilt, in addition to being held. Great for kitchen table readers

If you’re in the market for a new PC or tablet, you can’t beat the deals at Lenovo right now. Get that new toy, and use it to ride out the rest of the winter in style.

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