Best Deals on Tax Preparation Software

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Doing taxes is not for the faint of heart, and yet every year we must man up and tackle them with accuracy and cunning. Many swear by using a professional tax-preparer, but for those of us who can only afford to do it ourselves, there are a panoply of options for calculating your taxes and hopefully scoring a refund as painlessly as possible.

Check out these deals on tax prep help, and get those taxes done for less by April 15.

H & R Block: 15% Instant Rebate

H&R Block has been the standard for DIY taxes for years. Whether you prefer to use their interactive web accounts, download their proprietary software, or get the program out of the box, H&R Block has developed every platform with a user-friendly interface that utilizes an interview method to streamline your tax process. You can score a great deal on H&R Block software downloads with an instant rebate that saves you 15% on your download. Depending on your preparation needs, from basic to exhaustive, an H&R Block download will set you back between $17 and $68 this year.

TurboTax 25% Off Home & Business Edition

Those of you who own a small or home business will need comprehensive tax preparation to be sure all your bases are covered. TurboTax Home & Business Edition is geared toward the more knowledgeable tax user, as the language can be more technical than other platforms. This software covers asset depreciation and “industry specific deductions,” and more, according to their site. This edition of 2013 Home & Business tax preparation can help you process a Schedule C, as well. Save 25% off the regular price on preparation, plus free federal filing.

Office Depot: $10 Off H&R Block Deluxe and Higher

If the simple edition of H&R Block’s tax preparation software is too basic for your needs, check out the deals over at Office Depot. Office Depot is offering the Deluxe and higher editions of their software for $10 off the regular price. You have the choice between Deluxe, Premium, and Premium & Business, with the option of download-only or in the box. You save the most on the Deluxe edition download, which is $14 less than going through H&R Block directly - but only through March 15. After that, Office Depot still wins by $4.

If you’re not sure which of the available tax prep programs are best for you, don’t miss this MoneyCrashers articlethat reviews three different programs for ease of use, time investment, and refund amount: 

There are enough stresses at tax time for most of us, so we don’t need to worry about the cost of the tax prep (in addition to gathering receipts and interpreting tax code)! Save cash, and get some relief by taking advantage of these great deals on tax software.

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