Best Deals to Help with Stress Awareness Month

The rigors of life can have more adverse affects on our bodies than we realize. It can range from something as small as dealing with rush hour traffic to losing a job. In the thick of it, is your immune system equipped to handle life’s daily stressors? And more importantly, what are some things we can do to reduce our stress and manage it when it occurs? We’ve tracked down some deals that will not only help you keep it together when the chips are stacked against you, but will also ease some of the pressure on your purse strings.

Bath & Body Works

$20 2012 V.I.P Bag Coupon with Any Purchase $40+ 

Breathe in the scent of relaxation at Bath & Body Works. The infusion of eucalyptus plus spearmint equals stress relief. Use this deal to stock up on Bath & Body Works’ line of stress relief products that include: a body bar, pillow mist, body mist, body cream, shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel... now doesn’t that just sound divine?

Extended Stay Hotel

Pets Stay for Free

Pet owners can testify that their furry friends provide unbeatable stress relief. Why not reward yourself and your four-legged pals with some leisure time at Extended Stay Hotels – where pets stay for free! Sit back, relax, and save with this deal that will have you forgetting your troubles in no time.

NutriVine Vitamins

$10 Off Coupon Orders of $70+

Did your mother ever tell you to take your vitamins? Well, there is a method behind all that nagging. A healthy immune system can ward off the negative effects that stress can have on our health. This deal will give you and your medicine cabinets the ammo (vitamins, minerals, supplements, and herbal extracts) needed to prevent dry skin, sleepless nights, high blood pressure, and stress-induced heart problems.

By: Andrea

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