Best Education Deals of the Week

College is expensive enough without the added cost of new gear. Whether you need design software or textbooks, there's an easy way to save! Score a deal on school supplies with these awesome offers.

50% Off eBooksat 

Get your textbooks right away, without any shipping costs. CengageBrain has a huge selection of study supplies, textbooks, and research tools. eBooks are half the price of a printed textbook at CengageBrain!

Up to 80% Off Education Discount at Adobe    

Whether you need Photoshop, Creative Cloud, or the whole Creative Suite, this is a bargain that can't be beat. Adobe makes fantastic software for graphic designers, teachers, publishers, and more. Complete your assignments with ease and save some dough.

$180 Off Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 Download at  

Write your term paper smoothly and swiftly with Microsoft Office for Mac. Need some graphs or a spreadsheet? No problem with this quick and cheap download. JourneyEd sells a wide variety of hardware, software, books, and more for students and educators alike.

Don't spend all your money on class requirements this semester. Get your work done quickly and easily with these deals and you'll have more time and money to hang out with your friends.

By: Rebecca

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