Best of the Web: All About Easter

Easter is just a few days away, so we’re here to help you prepare for a great holiday. Five of our favorite blogs posted some really awesome articles on how to make your Easter super fun. Whether it’s cutting costs on an Easter brunch or making crafts with the kids, here are some tips to help your Easter shine!

How to Save Money on Brunch

Planning an Easter Sunday brunch? Sounds fun, but could be a drag on your wallet. Help keep costs low by following these tips from US News Money. Try making egg dishes (appropriate for the holiday and occasion) since they’re not too expensive to make or serve a big salad. You can also save money by only buying fruit that’s in season - it’ll be cheaper that way!

25 Crazy Uses for Easter Peeps

Did you know there are actually plenty of other uses for those delicious Peeps you’ll find in your Easter basket? In fact, Bargain Babe  has put together a list of 25 crazy uses for the treats, including putting them in hot cocoa, topping a cupcake, and adding them to your centerpieces for a fun Easter theme! Of course, you can always just eat them as well!

Want to Work as the Easter Bunny? Here’s Your Guide

Want to make some extra money this Easter? Consider being an Easter bunny for the day. The Penny Hoarder  breaks down where you can look for gigs and about how much they pay (anywhere from $60-$185 an hour!). So, if you don’t have plans, need the cash, and don’t mind being around kids, this is a fantastic option!

The Prettiest Easter Tea Inspiration

If you want to steer clear of a traditional Easter brunch, consider throwing a fancy tea party for friends and family instead. Style Me Pretty  offers tons of inspiration and helpful pics for throwing the perfect tea, including ideas of how to decorate, a possible style for the invitations, and the types of food to include in your tea party.

Easter Crafts for Kids: 50 Fun and Easy DIY Ideas

Apartment Therapy  compiled a fabulous list of 50 easy Easter-themed DIY projects, including crafts for kids, foods you can make, and decorations. Because who doesn’t want an Easter egg pinata? Make your holiday a festive one with these ideas!

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