Best of the Web: All About Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is just a little over a week away. Whether you have someone special to celebrate with or are holding a S.A.D. (Singles Awareness Day) party, you can still commemorate Cupid’s favorite holiday. Some of our favorite blogs posted about V-Day this week, so read on for everything from gift suggestions to romantic getaway ideas!

Best Tech Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Got a tech lover in your life? Bargain Babe  put together some great gift ideas for your S.O. You can invest in a high-tech smartwatch, a solar-powered USB charger, or an at-home 3D printer that your love will definitely appreciate. If your valentine strays more to the geeky side, check out these gift suggestions that we came up with!

Cheap Chic: Valentine’s Day Accessories and Attire

Dressing up for Valentine’s Day is something fun to do even if you’re single! The Budget Babe  came up with several unique accessories (like a heart-themed phone case or beautiful bangle) and clothes (like a midi skirt from Choies or a striped top from H&M) to help you celebrate the day. There’s also some beauty product recommendations - you can try out the NYX Matte Lipstick on your hot date!

6 Cheap Romantic Getaways

Feeling in the mood to travel for Valentine’s Day? The Simple Dollar  suggests 6 budget-friendly getaways that are perfect for the occasion. Book a beach retreat to Southern California, an all-inclusive resort in the Bahamas, or a winery tour in Napa. You’ll make your mate happy with the chance to escape for the holiday - and your wallet will love the bargains you’ll get on these trips!

Modern Valentine’s Day Inspired Party

If you’re thinking about throwing a Valentine’s Day party, you can’t go any more chic than with these ideas from Style Me Pretty. They’ve created a gorgeous backdrop for a romantic, fun party setting. Your guests will love the flower arrangements, table settings, and DIY favor bags that all have a romantic, yet trendy quality.

So, check out these blog posts, and fall in love with Valentine’s Day all over again! 

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