Best of the Web: Back To School Edition

Back to School season is here, and the Web has been buzzing with all sorts of articles to help you get prepared. We even wrote our own post with tips on getting ready for school. However, if you still need some ideas, check out our favorite stories that were published this week.

5 Quick, Efficient Ideas for School Year Snacks

Your kids are ravenous when they get home from school, so it’s important you have some snacks ready for them. And Then We Saved  has 5 great ideas for snacks that won’t hurt your wallet (like skipping the expensive pre-packaged snacks and sticking to cheap veggies like broccoli and carrots). Get inspiration from this blog, and you won’t waste time thinking up healthy nibbles for your little ones.

Your Guide to College Student Credit Cards and the Best Cards Out There

There’s so much in the news about college students acquiring a ton of credit card debt. That’s why this post from Free From Broke  is so helpful - it gives a rundown of the actual benefits of owning a credit card (like establishing good credit) and which cards are the most suitable for students. If you’re a student heading to college or are the parent of one, this article can help you better navigate the tricky world of credit cards.

Saving for School

A study from the National Retail Federation estimates that families spend over $600 every year on back to school supplies and clothes. Get Rich Slowly  lists some super helpful strategies for cutting costs (like using coupons - which of course makes sense to us here at CouponPal - and shopping on tax-free days). By following these recommendations you could significantly reduce your school expenses.

100 Tips for Back-To-School Savings

Cheapism  is an expert on everything to do with saving money. So, they’ve compiled a list of 100 (!) suggestions for ways to save money during this expensive time of year. They offer some truly creative ideas, like unplugging your charger when you’re not using it and selling back gift cards that you won’t use. This list is a great reminder that every little bit of savings helps!

Where Not To Shop For Back-To-School Deals

This MarketWatch  story offers some fantastic suggestions for which stores you should shop at for good bargains (like dollar stores) and which ones you should avoid (office supply stores). CouponPal was even cited in the piece with some tips on how to land the best Back to School deals!

By: CouponPal

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