Best of the Web: Changes in Entertainment Prices

There have been several changes in how much you’ll spend for some of your favorite streaming movie and music services. To keep you up-to-date, here are some articles I consider Best of the Web-worthy.

Daily Finance: Price Hike Got You Mad? Here Are Alternatives to Amazon Prime

Amazon recently announced that they’d be increasing the cost of an Amazon Prime membership. Previously, you could spend $79 a year and receive free shipping and unlimited movies, TV shows, and Kindle e-books. As of April 17, members will now have to pay $99. This helpful article gives you some ideas of ways to get the same benefits as Amazon Prime without shelling out as much dough.

CNN Money: Pandora Raises Subscription Fees

After we were hit with the upsetting Amazon Prime price hike, my favorite streaming music player, Pandora, announced they were following suit. Instead of allowing listeners to enjoy unlimited tunes for $3.99 a month, the fee will be increased by a dollar. Unfortunately, they’ve also decided to do away with the $36 annual subscription option. However, you can still always enjoy the regular Pandora stations, and just sit through the occasional commercial breaks.

Business Insider: Non-Subscribers Want to Pay a Monthly Fee for HBOGO

While most people will complain about having to pay for entertainment, there are actually some who are willing to pay a monthly fee to receive HBOGO. As much as 44% of broadband-only users said they’d pay to get the service. I get it – I would be completely lost without the opportunity to see Game of Thrones.

Consumerist: Google Play Changes Purchasing So Kids Can’t Go On In-Game Shopping Sprees

But not all the changes made this past week were negative. Google Play announced they’ll be altering their purchasing process, so little ones won’t have the chance to go crazy buying stuff during gaming sessions. Users will now have to enter a password before every purchase, which could greatly reduce the incidents of kids racking up huge bills on their oblivious parents’ credit cards.

Hope these articles will help inform you of important changes in the pricing of your entertainment!

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